by Participatory Culture Foundation

A media player for music and videos which offers several integrated features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Participatory Culture Foundation

Release: Miro 6.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Miro functions for users who would like a well and excellent free, open-Videos and music may be played from a variety of sources. The music player, video player, download manager, torrent manager, converter, and sync server all work together to serve many purposes. Simple to integrate into Android phones and tablets of several types, the app syncs instantly and beautifully. Miro also allows users to perform other tasks such as working with the current music library, in essence, allowing you to work with a library media player, which serves as a better alternative than iTunes. By using it, people don't even have to think about copying or moving their music. The service will allow users to instantly importing their music and video folders in an easier way. Organize files in the manner you would like them to be.

Additionally, users are able to access all of the features of Miro in their Android device, including converting and synchronization. With it, the user can easily sync and stay up to date on the best videos and music for any device. Among the features of the application are that customers can purchase items through the Miro interface, including music files and apps.

By adding an extension to Miro, users will be able to work with other music stores like Amazon MP3 or Google Play, thereby providing a seamless user experience as well as doing all of the program's core functions automatically and without needing to switch programs or perform any additional work. This product has a number of advantages over programs such as Windows Media Player or iTunes, including simplicity, ease-of-use, convenience and compatibility.

It offers easy-to-use file conversion, import capabilities, and in-the-user interface.app purchases for music from Amazon and Google

  • Media player for music and videos
  • Compatible with various media formats
  • Easy import of all media
  • Built-in app stores including Amazon MP3 and Google Music
  • Simple and elegant interface
Miro 0.9.5 Beta (20.69 MB)
Miro Beta (20.69 MB)
Miro Beta (22.35 MB)
Miro Beta (22.31 MB)
Miro Beta (22.27 MB)
Miro Beta (22.97 MB)
Miro Beta (24.46 MB)
Miro 1.2.7 (25.03 MB)
Miro 2.5.3 (27.43 MB)
Miro (38.86 MB)
Miro 6.0 (45.83 MB)
I can collaborate with my friends and colleagues anywhere thanks to Miro for Windows. There are mobile and tablet versions of the software available. Get a free trial. You'll be able to use it to its full extent. There is no difficulty in using the GUI. My colleagues in New York and across the country can all collaborate, no matter where I is. I love this song. Our files can be created, received and given feedback, and are tracked when changes have been made. We simplify life.
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