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A free download manager. Download any files from many websites without hassle.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mipony

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Last revision: Last week

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Mipony is a good download manager, which serves the purpose in an efficient way to access free hosting websites without hassle.


  • This program is simple to use and can run immediately upon downloading a file, waiting for the countdown and start at the first entry.
  • You can access paid and free accounts at file-hosting sites with this tool.
  • If you have trouble downloading, restart the download again.
  • There is a remote control option included.

Mipony is a very useful download manager that can save the time spent by users to access the free file hosting websites and download any number of files by the user without any need to visit the website directly. It saves time and many clicks for all users when they download with the free version.

It has remote scheduling as well as scheduling.

A file link that has been clicked will automatically start with Mipony software. When the user opens the system of the software, he will be able to complete downloading the files he wants faster for his download process so he will have no need to visit the host's website for this task. As a result, downloading the files becomes simpler.

Install the software after doing so.NET Framework 4.It may not work if you download older than 6 or newer.

Mipony 1.6.4 (3.75 MB)
Mipony 2.0.0 (3.79 MB)
Mipony 2.0.1 (3.82 MB)
Mipony 2.0.2 (3.94 MB)
Mipony 2.0.3 (3.98 MB)
Mipony 2.0.5 (0.64 MB)
Mipony 2.1.0 (0.68 MB)
Mipony 2.1.1 (0.66 MB)
Mipony 2.1.3 (0.57 MB)
Mipony 2.1.4 (0.19 MB)
Mipony 2.2.0 (0.68 MB)
Mipony 2.2.1 (0.68 MB)
Mipony 2.2.2 (0.69 MB)
Mipony 2.2.4 (5.53 MB)
Mipony 2.3.0 (5.62 MB)
Mipony 2.3.1 (5.61 MB)
Mipony 2.3.2 (5.56 MB)
Mipony 2.3.3 (5.56 MB)
Using Mipony's download manager, regardless of platform, one can take advantage of free file sharing and free app downloads. mipony makes it possible for you to download links from websites without visiting the site or visiting multiple sites on your own.
There is a program called Mipony, designed for assisting workers that often have to collect large files from remote areas. The cloud-based application, in particular, enables retail stores to access cloud services.Customer information collected in the field of online ordering databases. Because Mipony has been around for a long time, it can fix all of its bugs. Its browser was designed so it wouldn't interfere with any other software you may be using. The menus on the screens that are running will be familiar and easy to grasp. With Mypony, you can keep track of the bandwidth in order to ensure that your files run both reliably and efficiently when they're delivered. You can download the software for free and install it on your device with any operating system.
Kieran Lor
Having a cloud can speed up file uploads and downloading since it is far more mobile than ever before. Considering its ingenious nature, I am surprised it is not more softwares like it. Since it has saved me from working long hours (and as we all know, money can also be saved!) it saved me hours over the past few months and as we know, time is money!
It manages downloads for you. Automatically downloaded from free hosting websites such as rapidshare, megaupload, megadownload, hot files, giga file, codec field, mediafire and Netload, file factory, and mediaFire. The process of this can be incredibly comfortable for you. All files will be taken care of by miphony after downloading them.
The Mipony for Windows allows you to automate all your downloads. Using it as quickly and easily as possible. Along with its many benefits is also a comfortable interior.
With internet, I always have to download things, which is why I wanted something that let me automatically download those things. In addition, I can optimize the connection option in this version so no issues arise. It is also so simple to install that anyone can use it. like anyone. All files can be downloaded at any format using this software.
In Mipony, there are many features that you can utilize. This device had the newest interface and offered online video downloading support. A broader range of filters is available. I really enjoyed using those. There was a great deal of choice in terms of features to select from for the download manager. Sites were not inconvenienced by it.
By using Mipony's automatic download mode, I have been able to obtain huge amounts of files throughout each day. Additionally, Mipony supports several downloads simultaneously at once. Thanks to Mipony, I have an incredible life of pleasure. Having used Limewire and now Mipony, anyone in the know will be amazed at its ease of usage. In many ways Limewire failed to do a number of things, however, Mipony succeeds where Limewire does not. When I download several files at once, Limewire often prioritizes a file over others, which results in lost connection for certain files. Mipony has never caused this problem to me.
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