Mindomo Desktop

by Mindomo

A thought mapping application for desktop

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mindomo

Release: Mindomo Desktop 9.1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Using Mindomo you can map out your thoughts using an easy to read format on your desktop. A powerful application can make keeping track of everything one has going on in your mind easier due to being crazy and unorganized. These products are very easy to use. They are very clean. Having the option to work on things instantly allows you to avoid oversizing the whiteboard. No matter where you are or what task you are working on, Mindomo lets you stay connected. It can be very difficult at times to keep everyone on the same page when we constantly change ideas and take new decisions. Our tracking software is able to give us the solution to this issue.Your phone and computer will receive messages regarding time collaboration. There's never been a more convenient way to manage all of your information. With Mindomo, all the brain power you have will go toward good as well. It will be easier and more cost-effective for you to present all your decisions as a result of allowing yourself to visualize what each task entails and what each idea will accomplish. This technology really does help make the difference when used with Mindomo.


  • Presenter feature for an easy demonstration to groups or colleagues.
  • Integrated phone and tablet applications for easy access and editing on the go. Having business hours to let you know what is going on gives you a sense of where your project is headed.
  • The map has seen a lot of changes over the years, so make sure you keep an eye on it. now comes to the aid of keeping everyone on task, since the map can be viewed from multiple angles.
  • You can start with templates that are clean and professional in appearance. There's no need to open an application or pick a template, it's right there at your fingertips. It is easy to get started, just open the program and get to work right away.

You can't go wrong with this application if you need the ability to be productive and efficient. It is always important for organizations, whether it is work, school, projects, or hobbies. The ease of using Mindomo is the best among all applications. With all your whiteboards and your project on track, you won't be affected by a dustup. The productivity gains made by Mindomo are remarkable.

With this software, your thoughts can be easily translated and presented in an easy-to-read form, for a range of projects, studies, and much more.

Only 3 maps can be saved by using Mindomo. We offer a comprehensive plan that gives you unlimited maps, as well as increased storage capacity. Your credit limit is only $36 per month for 6 months, which includes unlimited maps, 1 GB storage, etc. Teams go up in price from there. The cost of 6 months adds an additional 10 lockers, five guests, plus other features. If you have up to five people on your team plan, the cost comes down to $142 per month.

Anywhere a platform is available, Mindomo is available. Mobile devices running Android, Apple, Mac, Linux, Windows, and Windows Phone.

Ricky Brown
I'm an extremely disorganized person, so having a program like this makes it easy for me to put down good ideas since I don't forget them as easily. Having more organized work, as well as improved results, makes me feel better.
With Mindomo Desktop for Windows, you can turn your ideas into a map with a virtual brain storming. Using this easy-to-use software, you can create, track, and share thoughts with others from various sources.
Kai Kwan
This makes mind-a great map, super fun!! In my opinion, I do not possess enough technical skills, but this makes me think it makes a good case.mind-it does not require heavy programming knowledge; maps are very easy to create and comprehend.looking mind-Your ideas will come to life when you use these maps!! It can be definitely used by anyone who has an idea or a little creativity.
You can create mind maps with the software Mindomo. Its uniqueness is that it includes layouts that look professional, a large range of tools for formatting, and the option of customizing themes and backgrounds. Aside from this, it allows one to operate using Mac or Windows on it. Due to its synchronize process, maps can both be accessed offline and online.
I love Mindomo. Collaboration in my team is a key component of my work, which I found extremely useful. Because the visuals it creates are super clear, really useful, and visually attractive; it's easy to use for a free account.
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