Microsoft Maquette Beta

by Microsoft

A general purpose mock-up tool that creates virtual environments

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Release: Microsoft Maquette Beta 2018.7.11.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Microsoft Maquette Beta is a game-changer, literally. Virtual reality environments can also be created with this tool, as well as custom games. Working in the gaming industry requires me to use this tool, and it does wonders for me. Through this software, you can create creative products you can bring to life, while helping you create successful ideas. This is definitely one of the new technologies I am always on the lookout for, I am thrilled that I have taken advantage of this software for my career.

Software like this is extremely well designed, combining ideas across various fields into one, and an impressively user friendly interface makes it so user-friendly. The program interface is easy to use, but being familiar with the programming environment will require some familiarity. Importing images and 3D content into the tool and loading it into other compatible programs is possible. I love the interface. In addition to its modern appearance, it gives you access to all the tools needed to create the virtual background with all its features.

By using Microsoft Maquette, you can change the image's lighting, measurement indication, and colors. There are many brushes and colors as well as easy to apply. Anyone who uses Virtual Reality for games or demonstrations will enjoy using this tool. The gaming industry is highly dependent on Unity, another well-known game development software. File export options are available in Word or Excel. FBX, .GLB, OR.As for GLTF, that's pretty much covered. Moreover, there is a Unity add-on.The tool has been made available to simplify procedures. Steam, Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows MR, Microsoft Store, and others support this software.

I would give this software a five-star rating thanks to its numerous features, ability to process data, and speed. There are all the tools you need at Marquette when it comes to virtual reality in one spot. Eventually VR will grow more popular. Get an early start to the market competition with Microsoft Marquette. As this tool will give you a fast and powerful way to build your ideas, if you want to put the finishing touches on projects and work with VR demonstrations then this may be a perfect machine for you.


  • VR tool
  • Easy and fast idea sketching
  • Create countless virtual backgrounds
  • Unity export and add-in