Microsoft MapPoint

Compile data from multiple sources to your maps

Operating system: Windows

Release: Microsoft MapPoint 2011

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Microsoft MapPoint is a versatile program that allows its users to plan trips, customize driving routes, and much more. The diverse features of this program mean that Microsoft has no idea what they have to offer. Microsoft MapPoint isn't just another program that allows you to view maps. You will have the ability to edit them to your heart's content. Their company can create an online map with details such as their customer base, revenue projections, truck routes, etc.between. If you find yourself traveling frequently, you will be able to prepare a map of your entire trip or upload it to your GPS device in just a few mouse clicks.


  • Make Customized GPS Routes
  • Free Software & Upgrades
  • Multiple Regions Available
  • Can Be Used With Office, Excel, SQL & PowerPoint

When people see this program, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that this was an older version of Google Maps and is now obsolete. This is not the case with Microsoft MapPoint, however. Heavy mapping customization is an untapped need in a wide range of organizations, including corporations, travel planning for a single individual, and other vacation scenarios.

Microsoft MapPoint is a map integration software that allows you to view, edit, and integrate maps

Obviously, this software is better suited for major companies since they can use a lot of hidden features. You cannot pass up the possibility of keeping an eye on revenue streams, driving routes, and more. A really significant advantage of this program is its compatibility with all Microsoft applications including Office.

PowerPoint and Microsoft MapPoint, if one wants to offer a professional presentation of what's commonly used, could be used together. I doubt that single-person use will be totally seamless due to all the bells and whistles. With GPS, you may benefit more from Google Maps than you would from Google Maps. While Google Maps would be easier to use, GPS might be preferable. It is possible to create your own GPS routes that can be added to your device without having to purchase updated maps.

One thing that stood out right away was that "integration" was misspelled. The description that follows is poor in my opinion. The program does not offer any benefit to regular users who intend on making trip planning over a more popular app like google maps and waze that offers the same features they probably would be more interested in. This results in me believing that regular people are not even worth advertising to and that this software should be focused on some major companies only. When your software not only has the obvious bulleted features when not already in use, but also provides features that are unique to this user base, I do think that it does a pretty poor job of marketing to them when it is not even mentioned in the features descriptions.
In 2000, Microsoft Maps introduced a product called Microsoft Mappoint. Despite it being available from multiple platforms, there are no Windows-compatible devices for downloads and usage of Microsoft Mappoint. Google Maps and Bing Maps, as well as Bing Maps, are alternatives to Microsoft Mappoint. All user types can use it with ease, and it can be customized accordingly. A free version of Mappoint is no longer available, however an upgrade is required. In the meantime, it created a mapping platform, which was then used to deploy other software for geographic information systems. There is less demand for this solution but it is sometimes recommended as an alternative. Recent versions of the software can be downloaded from this site.
Microsoft provides deep support for MapPoint software. The features it provides are unique and can be used independently for businesses including myself who are always on a move, and have limited internet real-time available on my phone when using visual maps. It is continuously updated and better than any feedback that might come from a GIS location, so Microsoft immediately responds.
This version of Microsoft MapPoint offered the ability to edit and analyze geographic data in Windows. Primarily, it was utilized for categorizing geographic visualization map points. It's a huge relief to me that this software was so useful when traveling in a new area.
A great part of using Microsoft MapPoint for Windows is the ability to map your route. As an application compatible with Microsoft Office, you can easily build maps that can serve as a guide to Microsoft Excel maps. Although I do not personally consider certain mapping tools to be exceptional, like only going over the legends or seeing boundaries, I applaud the inclusion of such tools as zoom to see details within maps more quickly.
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