Microsoft DirectX Control Panel

Use the DirectX settings more efficiently

Operating system: Windows

Release: Microsoft DirectX Control Panel 9.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Microsoft DirectX Control Panel is a program that allows you to access the settings of DirectX directly from your control panel. In a result of this change, DirectX properties can be accessed and mobility increased so video card settings can be adjusted more readily. the program is installed, you will notice that a direct link is displayed in your control panel to allow you to adjust the DirectX settings right there. It will be possible to see and adjust the settings of DirectX as well as DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectShow, DirectMusic, and DirectInput.


  • Can be used to adjust both video and audio settings
  • Allows you to adjust a tremendous amount of settings from your control panel
  • Allows you to adjust settings from a different location
  • Takes up a mere 100KB or less on your computer

If you are using DirectX, you need Microsoft DirectX Control Panel for Windows to get the most out of your applications. tweaks as are easily adapted to the settings and configurations you encounter no matter where you are. When you launch the link that appears in the control panel, you will be able to change several thousand options to DirectX settings from your PC. Plus, Microsoft DirectX Control Panel for Windows can be used by both Windows 32 bit as well as Windows 64 bit clients for free. You won't have to pay anything to download this and you will be able to control the vast majority of DirectX applications without having to worry. The perfect tool for heavy gamers wanting to easily adjust their video card settings from a distance or on a schedule. In other words, to be able to open up DirectX control points today, you must have this free downloadable DirectX Control Panel. It will give you a lot more power in your fingertips.

Compared to Google Chrome, Microsoft DirectX Control Panel consumes less than 100KB of memory.
By implementing this, directrx will be available with just a click of a button in the control panel. With this control panel, users can easily modify the video settings. You can convert both audio and video sounds into your preferred format. The tool is free of charge and allows you to perform a number of manipulations. Gaming enthusiasts, if they like games, will find it easier to access and adapt to the gameplay for improved performance.
Microsoft for Windows released DirectX Control Panel as a freeware program in 2002. Many Microsoft users have begun to use this software. Defending its security, Microsoft says it is 100 percent safe. In the control panel, you can access it. An average user may be surprised at how complicated it is for DirectX settings, but the setting is simplified for them.
A simple step can be taken to install this software. One of the things that might ve negative impact of this program is that it is not completely refined yet, but it is useful for beginning users to gain access to a variety of configuration options. has many benefits for Microsoft Windows users, and the main benefit is that it's free of charge. If that weren't enough, the program has great visuals.
The gaming community always wants to push the envelope. The goal is to optimize the performance of their already butt.As an avid game lover, kicking games can be no problem. DirectX Control Panel can be interpreted easily as a gaming tool, though it turns out it's more complex than that. Essentially, this enhances a system by adding new functionality as it improves. This Microsoft DirectX Control Panel allows users to download DirectX, the already popular multimedia tool developed by Microsoft, in a streamlined way. As the DirectX suite of interfaces is meant mostly for multimedia applications and hobbies, the interface supports video and other media besides that which are specifically useful to gamers, as well.
Command prompt windows has a command prompt for Microsoft DirectX control panel. In order to do that, we need to have dxdiag installed.The exe is to be shown. The first thing we need to do is enter a key. It should be noted that our 64 bits (Windows 64 bit) applications require 64-bit DirectX and our 32 bit applications do require 32-bit x86 DirectX controls.
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