Microsoft AppLocale

Сhange locale in order to use non-Unicode applications

Operating system: Windows

Release: Microsoft AppLocale 1.0.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Microsoft AppLocale is, first and foremost, a launcher application which was programmed by Microsoft and offered as a free download. Rather than rebooting, the user can change the location without having to reenter the database. You can use this feature if you are not running Linux.Unicode applications. Microsoft has officially launched support for AppLocale in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. There have been some degree of compatibility issues with previous versions of Microsoft Windows Operating systems. For example, it is not at all compatible with the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform based on the operating systems. Although Microsoft AppLocale was never included with standard versions of Microsoft Windows, it was available through Microsoft's website as a free download. Western users of Asian software applications used the software a great deal and were quite liked. Microsoft AppLocale, however, did not support by default as of 2016.


  • Change Windows Locale
  • No need for rebooting
  • Very useful for Western users of Asian software applications
  • Available as a free download from Microsoft
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

Microsoft AppLocale is a very useful tool to use in earlier Microsoft Windows operating systems when changing of Locale is required, particularly if the user must change locale frequently. Microsoft AppLocale is especially useful to Western users of Windows operating systems because it is a tool to automatically identify Asian applications. This solution ensures that the user does not need to restart their laptop while modifying their system folder as an alternative to implementing Microsoft AppLocale. Please be careful when it comes to compatibility issues, as Microsoft AppLocale cannot be installed on devices other than Microsoft Windows XP. This application cannot run on versions of Windows 2000 that are compatible with it. Due to Apple's move to cease support for Microsoft AppLocale, the platforms where they are installed are now also not supported, since these are very old and not officially supported anymore.

Changing the local language can be done without needing to reboot because of software.
Using AppLocale, a user is able to change their location without reboots. The operating system was no longer supported and available from Microsoft, so I was extremely pleased to find it here. In an area where you use Asian software, you need to find ways to make the process easier, since it takes time.
Elle Jay
Using AppLocale eliminates the need to reboot your computer or manually update your location. There are many apps available that cross continent, so this is useful for people who use these apps. You don't need to start your computer again since you don't have to disrupt the process. I like it because it's free, too.
does what its creators intended. easy to use and well made. Because I currently use Windows 10, I can use my old system from decades ago. In this way, the U.F.F is embedded in the U.I.S.S.A version of Windows XP that runs the applications is available (Version 16). I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about purchasing something compatible with current software.Windows operating systems that are developed and distributed by Microsoft.
Euan Anders
AppLocale, as a useful program from the past, has sadly ceased to operate on Windows 10 as well. There is simply no use to it anymore.
In addition to helping create a temporary system location for the executable, Microsoft AppLocale is a reliable program that will be used whenever the system needs new executable. Computer users can enjoy a smooth interaction with their computers.
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