Microangelo Creation

by Eclipsit, Inc.

A collection of software utilities for editing computer icons and pointers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eclipsit, Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Is a series of tools you can use with icons: You can create animated cursors with a variety of tools, including an icon manager. Icon creation is made easy with Windows 95 via the icon editor - the only thing you have to do. Windows Vista. This built-in tool is designed to help you organize icons in your collection, extract icons from resource files, and organize icons by format.files. Additionally, there is a sizable cursor editor to easily create animated cursors.

Studio - Icon Editor:


- All sizes and formats are possible with this program, including 256x256 (hi-).(RS) for Windows Vista

- ultra-To create small images, precise tools are usually used;

- Inherently intuitive; creates a smooth, circular surface; allows efficient flow.

- Analyzing and blurring data; Analyzing and blurring data;

- Drawings may only display one window which displays actual results; in other words, it cannot be altered for purpose of design.

- Compression software that allows you to save any largness;

- importing of PNGs, JPGs, and mp3s.


- Open icons from the icon library (ICL) or any program file (DLL, EXE, OCX, etc.) without unzipping the icon.

- Using LibraryEdit, you can drag folders and drop icons from them into Library Documents as well.

- Duplicate icons are always identified and selected or deleted automatically;

- Specify and automatically delete unnecessary formats; • Maintains redundant backups).

- Indices sorted by name.

- Directly in the application file, copy all program icons;

- Identify the program file's icon change option (if available), enter the new icon with the new one;

- Once the search engine finds icons in files, directories, and on the entire hard drive, all the options will be found with the search engine.

Icon Explorer:

- The easiest way to find all icons and cursor files is to look for all in one place;

- Running Studio, Animator or Library directly from Explorer;

- To edit with a double click of a mouse, open icons; use icting with a double click of the mouse;

- By double-clicking a program file or library icon, they will access its icon.clicking on it;

- Analyzing all files containing icons;

- right-The animated cursors appear in the current cursor when clicked.


- Creating cursors that are animated in any way possible;.

- Editing slides can be done with all of Microangelo Studio's tools;

- You can preview current editing in real-time in the preview window.

It's a powerful icon creation tool that allows you to create icons quickly. As it creates icons with no limitations on the features and tools you need for editing them - like drawing with real props - it's easy to use.You can schedule your projects with a time result, add a built-in manager to manage your projects more easily, or automate duplicates removal to make your workflow smoother. Because it allows icons in various sizes and formats, no matter how small your project is, you can easily integrate icons into your software work. This is highly recommended for artists who create icons.
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