by Celemony Software

A pitch correction product used to edit audio signals, similar to Auto-Tune

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Celemony Software

Release: Melodyne 10.01

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Melodyne is a software that allows you to manipulate audio signals, especially a singer's vocals. Melodyne works with vocal and audio notes rather than waveforms to alter the modulation of vocals and musical instruments. A variety of technological features are available in the software, including the ability to manipulate and edit notes' pitch, duration, and length.


  • Free software for PC
  • Time-stretching, rebuilding melodies
  • Audio algorithms
  • Pitch editing
  • Unusual, irregular scales and tunings including exotic and experimental
  • Time editing
  • Amplitude editing
  • Work with multiple tracks
  • Pitch analysis of speech (classical music)
  • Assists in the creation of backing vocals extracted from an existing lead vocal
  • Direct Note Access that allows manipulation within cords and recordings

Melodyne can be downloaded on a PC for free. A virus-free rating has been given to it. It can work on a wide range of Microsoft Windows operating systems, including XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, as well. In addition to Melodyne 4, other versions include Melodyne Essential, Melodyne Assistant, Melodyne Editor, and Melodyne Studio. Since 2016, Direct Note Access has been integrated into Melodyne 4 Studio as an option for solo guitar or polyphonic records. Besides Essential, Assistant, Editor, and Studio, there are online trials available for Melodyne 4 Studio. If a free trial for either is desired, sign up here.

One of the most prominent vocal tuners used by producers and artists

The software has won several awards, including the 2009 MIPA Award for Most Innovative Product and the Special Merit/Technical Grammy Award for its "contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field" at the 54th Grammy Awards.

There are currently no changes to Melodyne 4.1 requires 116.There is a hard drive space of 9 megabytes. Melodyne 3.0, 3.1, and 3.Most users get their applications from the two most popular versions.

Are there any who could win the competition ney also or at least sound like one. Using the Melodyne software, you can modify the pitch of those missed notes, as well as others, as you manipulate their voices. I'm sure that some AGT finalists are not going to need special software, however, I can see us each individually meeting our obligations.Don't forget to try it and you will be amazed at how much you will save once your audition tapes are made.You'll also be loved by your band members.
It's likely that this type of product will have a considerably fewer followings. However, it is a very useful and worthwhile product. In it, you can manipulate audio files. The product allows a sound producer to find their voice much like if you were producing sound, or you simply wanted to create a recording without having to worry.
Studio technicians should recommend Melodyne for Windows. You can get it from a company whose goal is giving you the most precise range of pitch and tone with minimum fuss and ease. It is not too steep either on the learning curve! These scissors offer you the freedom to use them where it's necessary - to enhance a project or fix small alterations. There's something to like about this book if you try it.
The Melodyne editing program lets you adjust the song without ever feeling lost. With it, you are able to adjust the timing and amplitude tools in your musical recordings. It's capable of letting you set up notes on their own for extended periods of time, or just varying length.
Michael Fan
To think you have the ability to hear a singer say that something a bit more intense is "holding this note some longer" in a session of singing with a piano "giving slightly less weight to the third" - hours, weeks, or even centuries after an album has been recorded is very There is no other tool like Melodyne, which enables unprecedented editing flexibility, as well as the incredible sound quality and intuitive function, which would be hard to imagine a modern music production team using.
If you want to take advantage of your sounds, then this app is for you. Mostly used on the Windows platform, this bundle pack is superb. It is also free to try for 30 days. For musicians who want to primarily make music, this is a good application. The platform is wonderful for people with hobbies as well as people who want to make their careers in music.
has been hailed as one of the top audio editing programs on the market, and allows users to edit, amplify, modify, as well as reconfigure sounds within audio files in a straightforward, intuitive and customized manner. Users can easily convert audio files into musical notation with this software; it provides a variety of features and options, such as pitch and timing control, drag & drop effects, and more.The program automatically recognizes chord sounds with the use of and-drop sounds. You cannot achieve the audio editors' goals with a single installation of this software.It is well described as elegant with a touch of elegance.
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