by Mega Limited

A cloud-based tool for syncing files across multiple devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mega Limited

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Among the fastest, most convenient and secure cloud storage services, Mega provides Mega users with a large amount of space on their hard drive for their personal data. From 50 gigabytes (of free) up to 4 Terabytes are allowed per subscriber, depending on the service plan that they select.

As the data transferring technology has been implemented in multichannel mode by the service infrastructure itself, multi-folder file transfer in the MEGA cloud allows high amounts of transfer of files to and from different folders simultaneously. As a result, the level of security for personal data is high.called end-to-end encryption. All data will be encrypted and decrypted by the device on which the client is operating. This will result in any data interception and data leakage being totally excluded.

In order to access and manage the service, users need to download and install a special MEGAsync client program that allows to synchronize files between a computer, tablet, smartphone and MEGA cloud storage. The settings and tools available for the service are accessible from the developers' official website or directly from the client application that comes with it. There is also a special MEGAsync browser extension that allows you to use the service from your browser.

MegaSync lets users discover a number of other exciting features in addition to the basic functions of the cloud. The developers plan to add some, undoubtedly, necessary telecommunication features to the program in the next few months. If a user wants to create a contact list for the right users, then other users can access individual folders and files in this client, as well.mail.

MEGAsync (7.91 MB)
MEGAsync (27.8 MB)
MEGAsync (29.64 MB)
MEGAsync (31.87 MB)
MEGAsync (31.87 MB)
MEGAsync (31.88 MB)
MEGAsync (33.53 MB)
It is ideal for those who use Mega for their cloud storage needs. I used Megasync not only because of how easy it would be to synchronizing my files on my computer from the cloud with those in it, but because they will make it much easier to manage both, as previously it would have been impossible. I recommend this as soon as you use Mega to ensure that your system works.
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