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Download music and create your own playlists, search faster your music and albums from your favorites artists.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: by MediaDrug

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MediaDrug allows you to search your music in a faster way by entering a query of the song or album you are looking for.


  • Lists all your search's matches
  • Download music or listening on command
  • Allows you to save your songs
  • Allows creation of playlists
  • History search available
  • Prior search is not erased
  • No playlists size
  • Addition of songs to playlists
  • Combination of multiple playlists
  • Access to millions of tracks
  • Unlimited downloads

MediaDrug is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8. Just eight people are on its board.There is a need for 7 megabits, however there is an additional 35 megabytes. of disk space. android devices running OS 2 are also eligible to take advantage of it.With a screen resolution of up to 2 or higher, you can use it on tablets and mobile phones. The Internet must be available to make it work. Upon installing the app, you will have a free credit card. Both Media Drug's Mac and Linux versions are available.

You can download and stitch music with ease with this program.

It is an easy way for music to be heard in the media. You can download all the songs you find on the Internet and play them yourself. Simple tabs are easily accessible due to their appearance. It is very simple to download by simply clicking on the link and following the applicable installation procedures.

MediaDrug has the best of both worlds, since there's no need to store all the music on your computer. In a situation where you don't need to keep your entire library on your computer, you can use the memory for music storage instead. The option saves the searches you make when checking out your favorite music over and over again. This reduces the amount of searching required. You can search and download both items as freely as you like. A final feature is that you can either use it in whatever electronic you prefer or in any electronic you prefer.

  • Sound card
  • Active internet connection
  • 512 Mb of available Ram or higher.
This is precisely what we need to be able to use so successfully since it lists all your search matches instantly with song download option on command allows you to save songs allows the creation of playlists History search available Prior search cannot be accessed or modified.
The MediaDrug MP3 player is highly portable and makes it easy to download an entire album in MP3. When you are looking for songs to listen to you have thought to yourself that maybe you want to check out how he / she works MediaD is your companion. Finding songs online won't require you to go online. To find out the whole album, follow these steps: use MediaDrug to access the albums.
Windows users can download to their PCs thousands of albums and songs free from MediaDrug for Windows using its download function. you can play music as well by using MediaDrug. There is an application that does what many other apps don't - search and download music without having to mess with the software. Additionally, the media player provides several tools to make the listening process as enjoyable as possible.
I was blown away by the scope of this program that allows me to follow music and movies. My first thought when I saw this program was how easy it was to use. I can simply click a few buttons to download all of my favorite songs. The quality and format of the tracks I downloaded were quite good, to say the least. This program was 100% legal, unlike other ones I've tried previously, but still left me feeling safe and secure. People wanting to download their favorite songs and movies may find this service to be very useful.
Download free music to our computers up to 1000 songs per song with The Internet Explorer free application. Additionally, this application also allows music to be played. Installation is a quick and easy process in the Program Tool Box using the set up file. Additionally, it can be installed on Windows XP/Vista/7/8-9 and 10. Its antivirus software and 100 percent safety have been built in. Drag-and-drop capabilities are included as well. music lover will end up living his or her life with this truly innovative media drug.
For Windows users, Mediadrug is a simple application. I don't think there's much to it, although the setup process isn't difficult at all. Learning a new thing quickly and in a timely manner is an important aspect of being 21st-century. For your convenience, we offer this software product. The raised experience is better at speeding up downloading media music. The software you are using would be perfect for me.
I enjoy getting all the free software I can download. Downloading and searching for music using MediaDrug for Windows is free. There is an easy to use interface that you can find very easy to use. On the Internet, I have the freedom to download anything I want without having to free up space on my hard drive. Internet access is free to access everything, because all I need is a connection. That's so convenient.
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