MComix is an easy to use digital comic book and manga reader

Operating system: Windows

Release: MComix 1.2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A free graphic image viewer with a focus on Western comics and manga, Mcomix is available as a downloadable file. Having an online comics comic sent directly to your computer is very convenient. You typically receive a PDFs or zip-sealed files directly to your computer when you buy online comic products from anywhere outside a major publishing house. A person can however be distraught when trying to open a compressed file into a workable program which does not take many hours to load. The perfect solution to this situation can be found in Comix, which reads the files directly in PDF and offers the ability to read them both at once.You would save as you would with the physical copy by typing it into our box.

Additionally, it has auto-correct, zoom features, a full-screen mode, a single page feature, and a calculator option.scroll. If you enjoy reading the traditional manga, you will find an option that places the reader on the right side of the' option. Bookmarks keep you on top of your web pages by giving you the ability to click on specific ones.


Python is used to write this program, which is written on both Linux and Windows.
  • Reads PDF, 7Z, ZIP, and RAR folders directly
  • Has a manga-mode option, allowing for the right to left reading
  • Zoom features to focus on the details
  • A chance to read double or single pages at a time
  • It's free!

Having free and easy-to-use software to view image files can be helpful for anyone looking for free, quick and easy software for viewing pictures. In order to run a wrapper program for the Mcomix download directly from the company's website, choose the 'all in one' option, which also has the 'all in one' option for Windows computers. Most Linux computers can use either a wrapper or a separate wrapper without needing to buy one. If you are looking for Mcomix information, many active forums are available, so if you have any questions, you can find them through those forums.

MComix 0.95 (10.79 MB)
MComix 0.96 (10.8 MB)
MComix 1.00 (10.71 MB)
MComix 1.2.1 (22.08 MB)
A lot of Mcomix fans like me. There's no need to install anything manually; it's fast and easy. It has an intuitive interface which really makes it user-friendly. This kind of image viewer is particularly convenient because it features two-way viewing—very rare for such viewer types.For instance, pages are aligned just as well as comics would be. Mcomix is unique in that it is designed in a manner that makes a great difference in the overall experience.
I love MComix! My computer has been filled with comics and graphic novels I have downloaded to it. I found it to be extremely easy to download and install, and the user interface is quite intuitive. When I installed, downloaded, and ran the software on a Windows 7, it worked perfectly.
It allows you to search for corporax is an open-provides access to comic books to a user. Both Windows and Linux are supported. Western comics and manga, as well as manga. The program supports a wide variety of archive formats such as LHA, PDF, CBZ, CBR, CB7, and CBT, and it can automatically delete and preserve old data. Compatible with the latest versions of RAR, ZIP, and 7Z archives, as well as most other common image formats, this software is suitable. You can perform operations with minimum effort on the clean layout, and you can leave bookmarks at the end of each book. One Mcomix contains two monitors.Modes for reading right-click on a page, a screen with fullscreen (for displaying a manga manga mode)to-The left column features smart scrolling and the right column has the traditional scrolling. Besides fitting images to the window, you can use a magnifying glass to zoom in on images. As well as editing, this software can also take care of business in general. In addition to changing the contrast, brightness, sharpness, and saturation of images, you can also adjust their color. The images can be rotate or flipped, and you have the option of choosing a background color as well.
Harris Paniagua
The MCComix for Windows reader permits a user to read both Western Comics and Manga. It is very well-suited to handling Manga and Western Comics. It also supports any other kind of work. It is worth a try based upon my initial impression of some of the projects. The download should start soon.
For Windows, MComix is an excellent viewer for images thanks to its intuitive interface.Our work environment offers the option of viewing image files and compressing them to various formats, providing a user-friendly interface. "Best Comic Book Viewer on the market is this easy-to-install program with an enjoyable user interface. This program supports over 20 comic book titles. Besides adjusting image quality, it is also an attractive feature to use.There are plenty of modes in which it can be tailored. The software offers so many features it is rather fascinating... From my experience, I was very impressed with the facility... Very happy with it, really..
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