McAfee SiteAdvisor (WebAdvisor)

by Mcafee

WebAdvisor safeguards you from malware and phishing attempts while you browse the Internet

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mcafee

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SiteAdvisor is a program that makes it possible to distinguish between benign and malicious sites. An application like McAfee SiteAdvisor, when installed, will alert you of potentially unsafe websites and downloads right away. In Google search results for a free screen saver, each page within the search result is branded with a different symbol. Cybercriminal sites are marked with a red icon; good and safe sites are marked with a green tint. hovering your cursor over this icon, the site will open up a few brief details. After clicking on the link, information about the website will be provided (country of origin, number of users, number of users, level of faith in this site). Using the information received from multiple computers, the ranking of the site is based on its frequency of scanning resources and the presence of advertisements, spyware and other malware in the site. McAfee SiteAdvisor will sometimes catch spam, obsessive advertising, fraudulent schemes, viruses, etc. Even an innocent site may be "under the hood" of security programs, and users needing to remain online may rely on the tool.

- A predefined alert will be sent to any malicious sites (including their search results page).

- Information about safe and unhealthy sites should be provided as thoroughly as possible.

Your personal data, your computer/laptop/personal information and your computer/laptop's security will be protected with Cybercafe SiteAdvisor.
Overall, this product seems to be of great help. Using this product will help me make educated decisions about safety while at the same time giving me a colour coordinated link to where sites are safe. There is no doubt that this product will make my internet experience far more safe by finding sites that may contain links to many unsafe resources at once. McAfee was always at the top of my list for virus scans, but when I saw that there was this much advancement with this new virus scan I felt I could not imagine that this company hadn't stepped up even more. While I don't usually use virus scans, I plan on purchasing this product nonetheless.
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