Maxthon Ru-Board Edition

by Ru-board

This game can be played online for Windows.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ru-board

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Attention, everybody! Users are not contacted by this program or asked to subscribe to any advertising services.

Maxthon Ru-Board Edition is a web browser with a tabbed panel and many convenient features that make web surfing comfortable and efficient. It is well-suited to the specific form and design of the inlays. By default, when you refresh the page, it will display the title of the tab. But if you change the tab-by-tab setting, the page also displays a list of updated pages at different intervals (for example). You can also drag and drop tabs and place the password on separate tabs in order to place them in order. During copy editing, you can change from a web page to a new tab as a part of a tab open from the clipboard.

When using Maxthon in full-screen mode, you should be able to use gestures easily. When you click a new tab, you can either back or forward, close it, refresh it, or do a range of other actions.

The browser implements the advanced use of the Drag&Drop function. The authors call this function Super Drag&Drop. In other words, objects can be dragged and dropped to fulfill many other tasks. For example, by selecting text and dragging it anywhere on the page, you can run a search in the search engine. Dragging and dropping a link will open it in a new window, etc.

Maxthon has very flexible settings. It is possible to customize the interface in accordance with your needs and taste. It is possible to hide all toolbars in a mode that shows just tab icons. If you want specific URLs or autofill websites, you can toggle this setting at the bottom of the screen.

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