Maxthon Cloud Browser

by Mysoft Technology

Fastest web browser for Windows and IOS

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mysoft Technology

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Maxthon (Maxthon) - A modern web browser features all the latest features and functions. the MAXTONGAN engine is built on not one, but two software cores at the moment - one for WebKit and one for Java. It is now apparent that there are two engines in the browser. Internet Explorer Trident contains the final engine, WebKit, and WebKit is the source language. As the operating system for the browser based on modern web standards, WebKit has a great deal to offer the industry.

A number of Maxthon's functions are very unique. He is therefore significantly ahead of his competitors in terms of search functions, for example. Users can search the internet using a number of search services simultaneously in the Maxton Multi Search system. There are many different kinds of content that can be searched (images, videos, programs). Apart from being able to support gestures by the mouse, Maxton also comes with an advanced animation interface. You will be able to carry out a great deal of operations while moving your hand. As much as you can zoom in on the pages and keep your browser minimized or closed by gestures, your browser is still capable.

- Use mouse gestures to navigate. There are mouse movements in Maxthon that make it easy for its users to find what they are looking for. With that in mind, with predefined movement controls, you can move forward and backwards, refresh pages, and many more things up until the browser closes.

- Accelerate page loading. There are caches built into Maxthon Smart Acceleration to minimize uploading when going back to your favorite pages;.

- auto-fill forms. With Magic Fill, there is no need to fill in the same details multiple times. Just click and drag a field to enter a text field automatically. With this program, you can enter data, and they automatically enter it; n you enter the data, the program remembers it, and then fills it in automatically;

- a ribbon-reading tool. you do not even need to install any additional software to view RSS 0 with a built-in feed reader.9/1.0/2.Neither Atom 0 nor o.3/1.0;

- There is no need to hang up, and critical errors are removed. In most browsers, the increase in open tabs is associated with a greater likelihood of a browser hanging and falling down. Each time a tab hangs in the browser, it breaks the whole browser. Maxston also never breaks the browser when one tab hangs. Its Isolator Technology creates walls between each tab, preventing the whole browser from having a bad experience because it prevents one problem web page from affecting other browsers;

- Using the simplest of tools, search on the web for any word. All you need to do is navigate to the next part of the search field to search for your requested word on the page. When you click on the word, you can move it little by little with the mouse. There will be no movement with the word in this movement, but its search and search engine are set by default, thereby ensuring the document is run correctly.

- a tab from accidentally closed the tab? How about getting rid of her? She ain't in her place! by pressing the "Cancel" button in order to close an accidentally closed tab. Using this method, you can not only restore the tab, but you can also get an insight into its progression (through trend).

- With online bookmarks services that store all your bookmarks online, you can access your favourite sites from any computer, at any time; Bookmarks management service.

- Changes to proxy servers automatically without needing to change anything. In all browsers, the proxy server can be specified. Mcston moved on. Unlike your regular proxy program, which requires you to choose proxies based on your existing rules, Super Proxy automatically switches between proxies.

- Make it possible to add startup programs. You can shortcut programs into programs that you want, and you will find them just in time. You can place the programs to begin and end simultaneously with Maxthon also;

- Open a group of tabs. By combining your news sites into one group, you can access them on a single page. Maxthon Groups has several functionality, including save and open tabs at once. Or financial resources... Or online;

- blocking advertising. Using Ad Hunter and Content Control modules, advertisers can control text or images on the monitor, videos, or pages they view;

- Grapics is an online tool for creating screenshots. Using the Internet to create screen shots is an extremely popular strategy. With Maxthon Screen Capture, you'll be able to use the tool to create screenshots of the entire browser window or parts of one.

- The URLs of hidden videos can be detected. Using Maxthon Web Sniffer, you can detect hidden video addresses and use it to download video from the Internet to any computer.

- Don't watch a lot of videos or images online. By moving the cursor over an image, a small block appears on it, as if it were a window. By clicking on this block, you can enlarge the image or save the file. Additionally, Mcston allows you to highlight videos so that they appear anywhere. I can even move to another monitor - even if I work from home. It will resume playing once you have been working on the page;;;

- security updates. By releasing frequent updates to their browser security, Maxthon's development team helps reduce risks of vulnerabilities.

- Your network activity needs not be tracked.

- You can access Maxthon to quickly and safely remove all of your online activity, such as browsing history, browser cache, etc. This eliminates the potential for hackers to steal sensitive information;

- trusted sites. The address bar at Maxston's will be yellow when you're on a secure website.

- skins. You can add custom skins for Maxthon so it looks its best. Skins can also be designed; as well.

- Moreover, there are still many more things you can do. In addition to over 1000 predefined add-ons, Maxthon continues to offer its functionality.

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