Master Converter

by Savardsoftware

A Windows product for conversion of different units

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Savardsoftware

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Master Converter is a Windows measurement unit’s conversion software.It offers fast and user-Unitification of measurement units through friendly conversion. The interface of the software is very user friendly and interactive makes users easy to understand and perform the conversion.

Master Converter is setup to over 600 units of measurement in different categories. Time, speed, acceleration, mass, density, length, area, volume, force, energy, power and pressure, data transfer, viscosity, temperature, magnetism, flow, data storage, Capation, charge, angle, verage,

A variety of measurement units in regular use are provided by the most sophisticated state-of-the-art utility technology. Master conversion can also add new measurement units fast and effectively, so newly added units will also work like built-in units.

Master conversion offers more then 600 diffrent units

Master Converter offers a trial version without any registration. If you are interested in purchasing, use the utility and check out its features. The trial period allows you to test the program and register for future use.


  • New measurement units and categories can be added without affecting the existing measurement units.
  • The user-friendly and interactive software interface
  • Offer easy searching of units
  • Customizable fonts size
  • Very active Online help center
  • Conversion of decimals to fractions.
  • Offers Copy values to the clipboard for other use
  • Up-Upgrade to the most recent versions of the software.
With Master Converter for Windows, I receive a smooth, efficient conversion process for hundreds of unit types, like density, flow, angle, fraction, and radiation and have not limitations about how many I can convert. You can use this tool in place of pivot tables if you find yourself often needing to toggle between conversions while working on numbers. I think it's great that you can create your own units as well.
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