Сhange your keyboard layout to desired outlay

Operating system: Windows

Release: MapKeyboard 2.2

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Last revision: Last week

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MapKeyboard for Windows is a great tool if you'd like to customize your keyboard and its functionality, it simply allows you to dictate which key does what. MapKeyboard for Windows is also free, meaning you don't have to pay a dime for this simple efficient program. This program will allow you to make whatever bindings to your keys as you want, if you want a specific key to do something, that's what it will do for you. MapKeyboard for Windows Is for people that need customizable options in regards to their keyboards, sometimes you need something that your keyboard can't do normally, that's where MapKeyboard for Windows comes in and allows you to take control over your keyboard. MapKeyboard for Windows is intuitive, efficient and will make you pleased when it comes to keyboard functionality, it simply is one of the best options in regards to keyboard layout diffraction. MapKeyboard for Windows is a simple program that allows users to adjust their keyboard layout according to their needs, and its something that people want in their lives, they want something simple and manageable without the frills involved in most programs. MapKeyboard for Windows will let you take control over what you always wanted when it comes to keyboard layouts, you will no longer have to worry about it functioning the way you want it to anymore, you can finally customize it to your absolute needs.


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Very efficient
  • Not complex

Conclusion is that MapKeyboard for Windows is simple and efficient and will get the job done when it comes to customizing your layout on your keyboard, you don't need any other external layouts, just download MapKeyboard for Windows and you will be on your way, it's free and you can download it and start using it immediately, so if you want to change your layout on your keyboard, download MapKeyboard for Windows.

MapKeyboard 1.0 (0.03 MB)
MapKeyboard 2.0 (0.1 MB)
MapKeyboard 2.2 (2.23 MB)
MapKeyboard is amazing for Windows as a tool to customize the keyboard and its functionality, it simply allows the user to dictate which key does what.
I love that this let's me customize my keyboard just the way I wanted. It works just as I expected it to do.
Angus Yu
An app for customization, MapKeyboard is great for users who love customizing their interfaces. In the case of this app, reassigning a key to portray a different function is excellent especially for those who often work on desktop or laptop computers. I would like to say that in my case this app is a good add-on, and should be free to use, if at all. Otherwise this is a very good app for people who want more control over their keyboard and increased accessibility to commonly used functions, such as in Microsoft Apps, in online email platforms or video editing.
The software, MapKeyboard, is a great way for folks to create their keyboard layout that does not have a standard keyboard that is commonly found in the market today. It’s also may be useful for those that have a handicap or an inability to use a full-size keyboard. Perhaps this software may be of interest to those software companies but only utilize a certain number of keys and would like to disable other keys that are not used for that particular software. For example, let’s say a software company only uses the letters A B or C and to Rick do you see typos into their software they may now have the capability to disable other keys on the keyboard that may cause an error or anything of that sort.
Luke Feng
a keybored short cut creator for windows system
It gets the job done when you do not have a proper Keyboard but as with everything that should be physical the software can only provide so much. I ran into a couple of problems and had a hard time setting it up at the start but after a couple of minutes, I got used to its interface making it more easy to handle. I would recommend the software to anyone that has a broken keyboard and cannot buy one as soon as it broke
MapKeyboard is a useful Windows utility that allows for keys to be remapped, customized, or disabled entirely. This comes in handy for users who are particular about their keyboard layouts and shortcut customization. In particular, the software is written such that the changes are system-wide, meaning that the keys will work the way you program them no matter which program you're currently running. This is useful for shortcuts such as volume control or tab switching. Definitely also useful for situations such as stuck keys that you may need to disable.
MapKeyboard is opensource software that is similar to the standard keyboard. It is easy to download light file with 56.67 KB. MapKeyboard can be installed to windows XP/Vista/2003/Server 2008/7/8. Mapkeyboard is easy to use and enables one to change output of several keys or reverse the changes. The ease of resetting the keys back their primary out enhances versatility. It can be enabled or disabled on demand.
As I'm working in a billing department, I felt better to disable some of my keyboard icons. One of my friends suggested me to try with "MapKeyboard" for Windows. It worked for me. Now, I can able to remap or disable the keys based on my needs. I'm very much thankful for the team who have developed this software.
I like this product. For people who game on the PC, this will be good. You can map your keyboard to your specifics. It will then be easy to play the games that you are trying to play and be able to feel comfortable doing it. IT is nice to see that this software exists to help people have complications with certain map layouts.
This software revolutionizes your keyboard! It allows you to customize the layout of your keys. You can reconfigure the layout of your keyboard or disable keys altogether. It applies the changes to all programs you may be using on your computer. Anyone can use it with ease, as it is simple to navigate. The best part- it's free!
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