Map Calibrator

by GPSTuner

An integrated map application for mapping destinations

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GPSTuner

Release: Map Calibrator 2.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Map Calibrator functions to allow users to easily work with a map that lets users save their online and offline destinations. The app enables users to store locations prior and past to their initial trips, and acts as a map and other application substitute. Map Calibrator serves as a storage base for these locations and easily lets users keep their routes and paths saved to one destination. Its intuitive interface and its free version make it very easy to use. The integrated interface includes key features that make it very useful. As well as calibrating user maps, large files can also be used to create their own slices of man-made moas.

allows users to browse online maps they can work on from other external sources with a little flair for the dramatic. In addition to creating routes, they can draw their own. Dimensions can be measured and observed using a distance approximation technique. This application was one of the best for searching for reliable and approximate mapping I have had. In this setting, users can also define another point on the map. is an extremely simple and injustice that is completely free of Tod's won on all orders.

Take a look at IT today to get a feel for where you can get to and where you can stay while you are there. Users do not need to modify or personalize routes or destinations; users support a very wide variety of coordinates. You can use it as your personal database for any of your favorite locations and its interface is elegant. It would be a great thing if local users, and especially those who travel anywhere, downloaded and kept a log of their steps and their destination. This program offers a unique experience for people of any background and levels of ability.

Allows users to store paths and routes to different destinations, download external maps and create their own maps

  • Integrated map
  • Saves routes and paths
  • Download maps from external sources
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Create and draw routes
With the application you can map out a place online or in the offline. The application is very practical for using it on a broad range of devices, allowing you to keep up with your busy schedule. It features every possible route inputted to the correct destination as well as the option to customize this route for you. In addition to being free, the app offers some great features.
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