by MailWasher

A program that blocks spam from your emails

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MailWasher

Release: MailWasher 7.12.10

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Despite complaining for weeks about the flood of junk mail flooding my personal work email, I was so fed up with it. At first, there were over 3000 emails that were absolutely worthless and distracted from reading the important emails. That's when I decided to try MailWasher. When I use this program, I have fewer and fewer emails receiving unwanted spam. It's amazing. An auto filter is built into it so I am sure that spam does not get to my main messages right away. You can also use it with all of your emails. My only requirement is that I have a separate email application for my personal account; the email works just fine with this one. There is virtually nothing in this program that does not work. As I grew more and more in spam, my coworkers got so mad about my loss of emails. Getting their messages now makes this easier for me. This has saved me from a ton of work- It's really.related issues.

The interface of the program will show you what it has filtered out and what it believes to be not spam. Changing this and training it will allow you to detect certain spam emails that you might not have detected otherwise. spam should not come your way after you have configured your system correctly. The recycle bin feature provides nearly any deleted or lost email with nearly all relevant names. If it deletes something important, is trying to retrieve some sort of spam-laden email, you may have forgotten a great way of doing that. This program is safe to use. All of this can be handled using both a computer and a mobile phone. On a business trip to Japan a few months ago, I was able to block all email messages from my phone while I was on the flight when it came to this service! We are now adding a phone version to the program! all of them, I have never heard a bad word about this from any of them. Along with our office staff, we have people of all ages. I have not heard anyone tell me that the program didn't work or that it was difficult to use. Since it blocked all our email addresses it turned into a!

I would really try MailWasher out if you are tired of spam. Those of us who use email today are really sad that so many people exploit it. I am relieved that there is no longer a problem to worry about. Thank you, MailWasher!

Helps prevent spam and unwanted mail for your email

  • Works with all emails
  • Intelligent spam tools
  • Mobile and PC applications
  • Message preview tool
  • Auto-filter
Easy to use. Clean user interface. No false positives. Learns and improves as it goes The option of automatically removing eedrops in the background without having to look at it ever. Get all those spam messages and you will never regret buying it. Several of my friends would appreciate having this software installed on their computer.
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