MailList Validator

by Business Software Products

Validates email addresses to see whether or not they exist

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Business Software Products

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MailList Validator is an application for checking the validity of email lists. MailList Validator sends special requests to each address and analyzes the mail server responses. Besides monitoring the e-mail address, the program allows you to determine your contacts list.How do you use mail in a fast pace? ealed by mail addresses in a fast mode - In this way, DNS queries are sent via DNS servers in the domain which this server resides in, or MX servers in the domain to which this is stored.The recipient's address on the mail must be specified. Users also can design their own rules to check, which eliminates the possibility that good addresses could be assigned to the list of not-received addresses.working ones. As long as there are several threads available on the system, you can test a lot of addresses simultaneously in multithreading mode. It is possible to include more addresses on the list than you would like - There is an option to download 4 GB at the time. Importing email lists from CSV and text files, Windows addresses, and ADO/ODBC data using this program is easy.

User-provided software can be helpful if you're trying to validate your emailing lists. A user can find out how to analyze their email server using it. can utilize this program if they'd like to open their email as quickly as possible. You can use this feature to enable the users to send you an email address. As well as eliminating bad email addresses, users can make some important changes to their email address.
Great mail list software for getting mail. Whenever I subscribe to any mailing list in order to verify it as legit, I use this as well. Please recommend it to all my friends as well.
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