Mail Checker

by MiTeC

A program to moniter your emails for new or missed ones

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MiTeC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Mail Checker is a utility designed primarily for busy people. performs one very simple function icial function - With it, you can always see exactly what has arrived in your mailboxes and check their contents. The program can also block unwanted email as well as the service's filters, which in turn prevent unwanted emails from tion has its own "smart" spam filters, which together with the service filters will prevent unwanted emails from getting into your inbox. The received messages notified by Mail Checker can be viewed directly in the program's shell without opening a browser or entering the necessary e-An electronic mail service is available in the program as well.Mailers created in HTML are sent out.

You won't get any trouble with the program interface. Within minutes of installing, you will be provided with the option to set up the utility. In this project you just select a notification method and submit your chosen emails. You don't have to spend a lot of time in doing this. The Mail Checker also has an important advantage - its ease of use and decent feature sets make it perfect for those with small offices. You can freely download it.

- Receive and reply emails with an SMTP module;;

- Since its code architecture makes use of portable media, it can be run from a few feet away.

- keeps detailed logs;

- It's an easy-to-use interface;

- Powerful spam filters are included;

- The app provides several methods of notifying recipients if new emails are sent.

The Mail Checker was designed in such a way as to cater to busy professionals. While creating this product, the developer had the modern tech guru in mind. It is used by the Mail Checker to notify its users of new mail and notifications. An array of customization options is available for the mail checker.
It's great to work with this software. The program works with any email account and is very easy to use. Deleting messages and previewing them can be done with the software. It's easier than ever to check and edit your emails in one place. You will be able to assign custom keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions. You can customize the list and even make it bigger. Everyone should try out this program for free.
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