MAGIX Music Maker Premium

by MAGIX Software

Your home studio can be a great place to start music.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MAGIX Software

Release: MAGIX Music Maker Premium

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Using Magnetix Music Maker, your desktop computer can be fully integrated.featured studio mixer, mixing and remixing audio to make your musical dreams come to life. Play a dozen different instruments, or give Music Maker your composition to play them for you (including chorus and orchestra). Add your own vocals to the original lyrics, or you can grab some clips from Music Maker's Soundpools for a mini set. Having more hands- on skills would suit you better.With Live Pad, you have the option of mixing and remixing your work and having the audio rhythm of your music as you work your way through. Then, turn on Music Maker for every note, and spend a few minutes in the mastering suite figuring out the perfect combination (or let Music Maker work automatically).Get right to the song you want to master). This premium version also includes iZotope Ozone 8 Elements for even more mastering power -- There will more bass and more boom! -- You can also fine-tune even the smallest sound or crackle with SoundForge.


  • Instruments that are played by software, whether that software is operated on a computer or a keyboard: You can do anything with strings, drums, bass, power guitar, or chorus.
  • On a Live Pad, you can feel the beats as you remix on the fly.
  • We have Looping, combining, and other powerful editing abilities.
  • With Soundpools, you can find hundreds of thousands of audio files.
  • Free audio effects.
  • Guitar amplifier app.
  • This suite incorporates auto master when mastering things.
  • iZotope Ozone 8 Elements
  • SoundForge

MAGIX Music Maker lets you become an artist and technician at every level, allowing you to let everyone else hear the music within you.

With Soundpools you'll be able to discover hundreds of thousands of usable audio clips of each genre and instrument.
One of the things that makes it appealing is the loops included in live pad mode, the ability to combine, and the free audio effects it provides.. Guitar amplifier app.
Dylan Hack
Pro studio effects provide smooth transitions without clicking and pops while allowing cut andamp; edit of sounds, samples, and audio tracks. You can then generate your own loops within Music Maker. It's suitable for beginners as well as professionals.
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