Macro Recorder

by JitBit Software

Macro Recorder for Windows makes those boring repetitive task easy

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: JitBit Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Macro Recorder is a program designed to automate routine processes running on a computer. With Macro Recorder, you can create macros that will run the right programs for you, enter text, click, and more. Macro macro records can be made very simply by clicking on a macros record button, following the instructions, and executing the macros. You'll be able to record every keystroke, cursor movement, or mouse click. You will be able to repeat all the actions after finishing the macro later. Through the application you will have access to the command line and its tray can be minimized. Macro Recording attempts to recover mouse clicks using theCursorCoordinatesX/Y of a record so that this can be done, as required by this specific macro. To access a record without the program windows being exact location from when the record was recorded, see here.

The purpose of this review is to be very brief, because I don't understand how anyone in the world could possibly care enough about how many times a computer mouse clicks. Key strokes may not be of interest to anyone. I'm guessing that someone who wants to know something of such great interest must have a really obsessive personality.
Free trials are nice, but it is hard to understand macro terms from the descriptions. A macro may not be suitable for most people because it isn't well understood unless they already know what one is.
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