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Users of Windows should use it in order to access a Mac Disk.

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MacDrive is another convenient way to get to your Mac discs directly from Windows. (or an OS X install disk for Mac or Windows) This program continuously logs information about partition locations. In Windows volumes with the installed program, Mac partitions are recognized as well and their properties are given. MacDrive also provides quality information exchange between different types of drives. Using the MAC disk interface is essential to saving all windows application information on the OS. You can easily transfer HFS(+) images and data to the partitions of NTFS and FAT32 file systems that use hard disk drive-driven transfer rates. Using Mac Drive, you can store music in MacCD(DVD) media, and read information from Macintosh devices connected to FireWire hard drives via OS USB technology. Using Windows you can burn videos on Mac computers.

You create Mac partitions through MacDrive, secure deleting them, access any types of Macintosh drives within Mac families, repair damaged Macintosh sets, and optimize Mac files to facilitate Windows compatibility by MacDrive. There is no old software compatibility that includes MacDrive.Programs that were flooded have now been made available. MacDrive is written in English, but intelligible icons and action icons are easy to understand for those without skills in reading or writing. The Windows 8 installer can now be installed on Macdrive with recent updates.MacDrive on Windows 7 is still struggling to run, though.

- Using Windows on Mac can access Mac partitions; ;

- Make/repair Mac disks if necessary; remove/create/install Mac disks on a daily basis;

- Is there a quick way for HFS to exchange information with NTFS (+) on both hard asic between HFS(+) and NTFS/FAT32 volumes;

- Using Windows, insert the Mac CD/Mac DVD rom your computer.

MacDrive 9.3.1 (12.79 MB)
MacDrive 9.3.2 (12.79 MB)
MacDrive 10.5.4 (11.02 MB)
In addition to supporting Windows computers that want to work as Macs, MacDrive provides a reliable tool that makes it easier for Mac users to access their favorite apps and programs even when in use of a Windows PC. Working from either of my Mac and PC devices, sharing files is simplified and seamless thanks to the tool's compatibility with any version of Windows.
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