Lync Planning Tool

by Microsoft

Planning and preparing telecommunications with a tool called e planning telecommunications.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Lync Planning Tool program is a tool for planning the topology of an enterprise's server telecommunications system, offering you a number of questions about the hardware and functions that the company is interested in. As a result of your answers, Planning Tool suggests a topology that is perfectly matches what your business needs.

- The server roles you want your hypervisor to function in your topology may vary from required;;

- An updated version of the Lync Planning Tool offers an even more detailed tool to plan for the new Microsoft Surface and other hardware platforms;;

- With a centralized email address, each branch now has their own information site;

- There are specific information displayed on top of graphs, such as the number of users and support level enabled for various modifications per page.

- A partnership opportunity exists with Lync Planning Tool which helps you participate in Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). This program was introduced in 2003 to enhance customer service in the software industry.

- Visit the network you live on, enter your FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), )This includes IP addresses, view certificates, DNS settings, firewall settings (for Edge servers), and DNS settings when using DNS or load balancing for Edge servers; e.g., n-domain domain name) and IP addresses, view certificates, DNS settings and firewall settings in the central site

- Additionally, you may use Topology Builder or Draw and Graph Editor to manage this information.

- Plans to share a list of needed hardware on a branch office's site, including Windows and Windows Phone; • SharePoint to share Windows and Internet Access components.

- This solution now includes some additional capabilities for Enterprise Voice and remote conference access;

- I encourage you to do this; make the connection between the topology and the server data smoother; as well as creating graphs.

- If you are working with tools, you can adjust the size and resolution of the program window, depending upon the screen resolution.

- Microsoft Lync Server 2010 feature enhancements have been added to the updated program as well as the availability of typology recommendation recommendations.

Growing businesses must learn new technologies in today's uncertain economy and apply them as a regularly routine activity. As part of the new version of Lync Planning Tool that was updated earlier this month, business owners can stay up to date on their daily business goings. An ever-growing base of users on a daily basis can help us keep track of company finances. In order for things to flow properly, you need to keep them organized.
With this tool, synchronizing all the elements of a system is very easy. Any telecommunication system could use this tool specifically for their planning. Within each company, I was able to set up a dedicated website for each brand. With the topology builder and diagram editor enabled, getting info was of the utmost value.
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