by Lunascape Co.

A light and simple tabbed Android web browser

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lunascape Co.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Lunascape is a web browser that combines three browsers: There are three browsers available: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. All browsers allow users to assign tabs to each other automatically, including using one tab for Firefox, another for Google Chrome. It is also possible to view the contents of all browsers simultaneously to compare their appearance. Lunascape supports its own extensions, as well as Firefox and Internet Explorer extensions. Blog reading is advanced with this application, which also uses an RSS reader. Firefox can vary in appearance and settings. By modifying the skin, disabling image display and reducing video viewing, blocking Java/OBITS and unsafe scripts, the user can preserve the best visual effects. It supports pop-The RoboForm extension in RoboForm enables automatic password entry (based on RoboForm), as well as up blocking and simple proxy server changes with mouse motion detection. A browser will execute some commands when they receive certain requirements.

Lunascape 6.8.6 (16.48 MB)
Lunascape 6.11.1 (34.91 MB)
Lunascape 6.11.2 (34.91 MB)
Lunascape 6.12.0 (34.96 MB)
Lunascape 6.12.1 (34.96 MB)
Lunascape 6.13.0 (34.99 MB)
Lunascape 6.14.2 (34.99 MB)
Lunascape 6.15.0 (34.99 MB)
A google-like web browser, Lunascape runs on the same web browser platform as Chrome. Additionally, it is useful software to have. Japan got lunch from this software. This software can be used with any OS and it is free. There are very few times it cannot be retrieved. The search options are very fast. is because people like software like this. These software is free of charge to the user. We are provided the proper answer we are seeking. I think the 3mb download space is sufficient for it. With the new version of the game, we expect a number of new features.
Firefox, Safari, as well as Microsoft Explorer are all supported by Lunascape. There are very few browsers that provide this feature on all pages. It is possible to switch between them at any time. Web developers and designers will find this handy!!
Using Lunascape for Windows, one can view three different websites at the same time. Your browser page may also be enhanced by the software. You can download the software from the web to work with Chrome or Firefox. It is free, downloadable, and works both with and without chrome and Firefox. You can run it best with any Windows version 7 or 10, including 7,8 and 10 with a 32bit or 64bit operating system.
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