A Peer-to-Using Limewire, you can download your favorite music files using peer-to-peer technology.

Operating system: Windows

Release: LuckyWire

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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LuckyWire is a fast Peer-to-File sharing program modeled after Limewire. When you use Peer (P2P) downloader to download files, others in the network automatically transfer them to your system. Unlike other similar programs, LuckyWire is the fastest of its kind on the market and has access to much more hosts than ever. The best part is that it's absolutely free!


  • Extremely fast download
  • Access to a large network of hosts
  • Allows multiple connections
  • Share with friends whom you know
  • Secure and safe- here are no viruses or spyware.
  • User-friendly design and template
  • Lightweight and doesn't take up much space
  • Compatible with BitTorrent

LuckyWire is here to replace its predecessor Limewire. If you want something more modern and up to date, consider this easy to use and powerful P2P software. There are some of the fastest speeds in the industry as well as being ranked among the top competitors. You'll find it to be convenient with your entertainment needs when the feature list has been improved.

Thanks to LuckyWire's integrated functionality and the easy sharing of our personal library.

Gnutella members have access to the biggest selection of services, making it easy for them to find what they're looking for. Multiple simultaneous connections to exchange servers and hosts can also be made on an allocated network. Flexible and extremely safe in terms of its use. Free viruses and malware scans are provided after each file has been downloaded and a complete update is released.

Now we're seeing support for social media as well as workplace activities.based applications. Facebook and Google Plus are two networking sites where you can share information. Emailing large files over email or through Google Docs/Google Cloud can be accomplished seamlessly. Additionally, you can now access more domain and search options when using BitTorrent.

Also, with a wizard managing the rest, it has a small size of approximately 25MB. It runs on Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit.A lower number of hardware resources are required with discrete computing.

  • Requires Windows operating system
  • Available in Mac version as well.
  • Requires internet connection when searching and downloading
sam dow
Thanks to LuckyWire's integrated functionality and the easy sharing of our personal library.
In terms of downloads, Lucky Wire is awesome. I also love Limewire, which is supposed to be the best but does not come close to downloading as fast or as cleanly as Lucky Wire. The ability to share it with friends is a great feature.
There are several types of file sharing and connectivity available via LuckyWire for Windows. Atop LimeWire, LuckyWire is incredibly fast, and will make your search for files or request for fast downloads much more reliable. The small size of LuckyWire makes it fast to download because the company makes the product only for Windows.
Oliver Acker
In addition to being convenient, Luckywire is also simple to use and efficient for P2P.Using it has not resulted in spyware or software bundled. You can download files from a variety of sources if you want. You can also share them with friends.Fastest P2P client ever! A packet of VPN connection spikes.!You will have connections to more sources than LimeWire or FrostWire! & It's a 100% Free Download.
An application named LuckyWire allows you to share files online. As for functionalities, it is almost the same as LimeWire in that it does not exist anymore. While it is much easier to use than LimeWire, you can filter your search result based on the file type you want to look for. You can also add your own tab to the search bar that keeps a record of your searches, which can be more user-friendly.friendly tool.
The software that you're looking at is well-built and does a good job at it.With a simple interface and good results-to-understand design. Several different features are included in the application. You can find certain files, movies, or even applications much more easily using the filtering function. As for how you can download files, it downloads very fast; there is a virus protection feature; the files are checked for this problem immediately after downloading.
As a starting business owner, business and even as an owner of a startup, I absolutely endorse Star Office and believe it to be the most affordable and effective solution as well as Google Drive and its compatibility with email.
WOW! Its p2p downloads, sound effects, and video downloads are great. It provides a variety of songs and videos. Very quickly too! The code of Limewire is very similar to the software on today's platform. With this app, you can search and download quickly and easily since the interface is easy. A significant reason I downloaded this was that you could sync it with your iTunes account or install your preferred service.
THE LUCKY WIRE IS EXPENSIVE AND HOWIN LIKELY TO BE REPLACED. In addition to providing a convenient means of registering and distributing unclaimed cash, it does a synchronization with the distinguishable LOOK OF SMICULA while providing a hassle-free way to register. The listed files are contained in separate tables organized into different sizes. ON THE SAFE Side, SOURING VERIFICATION A HIGHER STANDARD IS THE MOST Recommended SULFFICIENT.
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