LTspice IV

by Analog Devices

A switching regulator app, which captures the schematics and allows you to look at waveform files.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Analog Devices

Release: LTspice IV

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Those of you familiar with freeware switching regulator applications will know that recently obtaining a convenient and easy-to-use application to view their favorite waveform has become tough. It deserves a shout out for an easy to use, quick to use UI, coupled with its quick installation. Whenever you launch the program, you know you will be taking time away from your main concerns for changing regulators because the controls can be switched so quickly. For comparison's sake, the choice of regulator applications is up to the user rather than one of the competitors. You can clearly see some of the advantages of this installment, particularly if you are a novice when using it. It should also be a delight for any user who has ever used an advanced version of this software due to many of the same features and some brand new ones as well.


  • Includes macro modules for most of the analog devices and switching regulators
  • More than 200 op amp models, resistors, transistors, and MOSFET models.
  • Quick and easy to use UI
  • Able to enhance SPICE to make simulating switching regulators easy, fast, and more streamlined.

The final result is that I no longer have to fuss about doing my daily waveform viewing task which is something everyone should be getting excited about. After reading LTspice's last game, which I didn't like to read at all, I almost surrendered to it as soon as I became familiar with this latest and the best of the bunch. In between viewing sessions, there was no need for me to spend hours of extra time creating graphics. Big fan of this one, I am looking forward to using this program more, and most importantly any future installments from LTspice.

By making switching regulators more quickly than before easier, users have increased efficiency. where they have to view waveforms for most switching regulators faster.
James Peetz
With the help of this application, it's much simpler for me to analyze waveforms each day and that's an appealing feature.By making switching regulators more quickly than before easier, users have increased efficiency.
Daniela Beltz
It can be utilized by switchers in the switching regulator category. Users of the latest version can view waveform files more rapidly. There are many ways to save time and a large amount of ease.Workers can save valuable time by implementing an innovative UI, which can greatly increase their efficiency and streamline the entire process.
Lewis Todd
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