Looxis Faceworx

Generate a 3D image of any face using only two photos

Operating system: Windows

Release: Looxis Faceworx 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The most beautiful faces can be generated with only two photos with this simple and elegant software program. With your digital camera, you'll be able to take two very different photos of a single person. Ensure that the front and back of each person's face are taken, making sure both angles are clearly represented.

Your real, working 3D image will soon be available. Using this model, you'll bring smiles to everyone's face nncessful likeness will be sure to bring a smile to everyone's face! With just a click of the mousepad, you can change your life in one step.


For one simple reason, this software product stands above the rest - it's better. it works! In some software, you have to take more than one photo at multiple angles, and often the software fails to deliver a great 3 for the money.D image.
  • Quickly make a 3D image of a face using only two photos
  • Easily upload files to the program in seconds
  • Image is quickly generated for you to use any way you desire
  • Uses a generic head model to help create the 3D image faster
  • A simple, straightforward way to create a 3D image if you aren't into graphic design software or other design programs

LOOXIS Faceworx is an amazing software application that allows anyone to create stunning and realistic 3D images, as easy as uploading photos to Facebook! If you are a first-time computer user, YouTube videos can help you create a model of your face in just a few steps. The videos in this program do not need to be loaded but this program is so easy you won't need them!

A real-time update will update the image on the screen when your computer is manipulated to create a model that works properly. Simple to use and save, this program can even create models without pictures!!

Furthermore, it could also be useful for others wanting to keep a loved one's memory alive. A 3D model with a detailed background would make a really nice way to remember someone. Would you mind telling me more about how else this technology may be us can't think of to use this unbelievable technology?

An innovative invention, this product is delightful. A 3D model is created by combining two photos of the same person and drawing their face. The fun aspect is great for anyone who has lost a loved one, as well as individuals just having fun. You can actually render a 3D image from a 2D file.
Jamie Mohammed
The disadvantage of this product was the extra download it seemed to require. It was simplicity, but I wasn't sure what I was getting. You should realize it is a false claim because it was not even created on the original website. Currently, face identification does not serve as a feature, but in the future one will be.
Using Looxis Faceworx you can easily adjust the dimensions of two pictures taken from various angles and save them together.
The software solution Looxis Faceworx offers the capability to take two images in different angles and determine a three-dimensional shape. In a practical, innovative, and efficient manner, the software transforms an individual's face into a 3D, realistic view. The software has no downsides other than that it requires two symmetrical pictures of the face before being able to produce a fully threedimensional figure.
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