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Update to Version 4

Sisulizer version 4 is a paid update recommended for all Sisulizer customers.

Update to Sisulizer 4

Still using Sisulizer 3 or Sisulizer 1.x/2008/2010?

Time to update to version 4 now and profit from all new features in version 4.

Software Localization News

Version 4 Build 374 released


The new build comes with many new features. [...]



Tutorials updated [...]

.NET Support updated


New in May 2018: [...]

Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - support for Visual Studio 2017 [...]

10 Years Sisulizer


Celebrate and save Big. [...]

Our customers use Sisulizer...

to reach international customers with software in their language

to localize their in-house software in the international subsidiaries

to build multilingual custom software for their clients' enterprises

as Localization Service Providers because it is the localization tool of their customers

to localize software at Government Agencies

To teach software localization at Universities

for software localization on Electronic Devices

To translate software for Biomedical Hardware

to localize software in the Mining Industry

to create multilingual software for Mechanical Engineering


What's new in Sisulizer....

Sisulizer 1.6

Sisulizer 1.6 again improves your localization experience. Here is a list of the most important changes in 1.6:

  • Text file localization with regular expressions
    Define the translatable contents using regular expressions. With this you can localize more text formats with Sisulizer than ever.
  • More third party components supported
    Sisulizer 1.6 supports a large list of the most important third party components for .NET and Delphi. You find more details about our third party component support program here.
  • Improved user interface
    New columns for number of pixels/characters of translation.
    The translation toolbar is now above translation grid making the interface more logical and easier to use.
  • Improved HTML Help support
    Better WYSIWYG for help contents.
    Localization of auto-generated index entries.
    Faster scanning of large CHM files.
  • Optimized scanning of HTML files
  • Improved XML translation support
    More flexible support to better cover different XML structures.
  • Better INI-file support
    Support for quoted and escaped strings.
  • Improved IME support
    IME settings are now also saved into general settings as default for new projects.
  • JSP
    JSP is now better supported. Sisulizer now comes with JSP samples.
  • New for the free Translation Edition
    Validation added
    Spell-checking added
    Local DBISAM translation memories access added
  • New for the Personal Edition
    Validation added
    Spell-checking added
    Local DBISAM translation memories access added

Thank you all for the suggestions helping us to create the best localization experience for you.

Sisulizer 1.5

Here is our impressive list of new features in Sisulizer since version 1.1. In addition to these 49 new features we have 48 improved features.

The hottest features in 1.5...

  • Windows Vista support.
  • HTML Help support. Now you can not only localize your software but also your online-help with Sisulizer using WYSIWYG. This is one-stop localization at it's best.
  • Improved HTML support. Use Sisulizer to localize your complete web site using WYSIWYG.
  • Improved version-independent .NET support. The new .NET scanner in Sisulizer works directly on binaries, which is much faster and robust, and does not need .NET runtime to be installed. It is already prepared for future .NET versions.
  • Improved .NET 3 support. All you need for future projects available today.
  • Delphi 2007 support. Our Delphi gurus included everything you need to localize your software designed with the best Delphi version since ages.
  • Direct conversion of Multilizer™ 6.x project (.mpr) into Sisulizer projects (.slp). Simply use File | Open in Sisulizer and it does the rest. Switching has never been easier!
  • Sisulizer user interface is now available in nine languages, including Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. And there are even more to come soon!

More new features in 1.5...

  • Redesigned start page. Sisulizer news and tips of the day can no be shown optional directly after the start of Sisulizer
  • Improved importing from existing translations
  • VCL: ElPack controls mapped and default output string format of ElPack components set to WideString. Sisulizer now supports both Unicode enabled VCL library: TNT and ElPack.
  • .NET: Support for FlowLayoutPanel and TableLayoutPanel components added.
  • Back and Forward buttons on the toolbar top of project tree. You can browse through selecting history by those buttons.
  • SlMake: -nosave option added
  • You can open each pane into separate floating windows.
  • HTML: You can specify by an extension which files will be copied during building process
  • New sheet filter. On Text panel of the sheet filter dialog you find a "Translated strings that are identical to the original values" check box. Check it to show only those string rows that have identical translation with original value.
  • New sheet column: Translation status image. You can put it visible instead of text. It saves the space.
  • Sisulizer can export data from project to Microsoft Excel. It can also import data from Excel to project or translation memory. No Excel is needed to be installed on the computer.
  • Translations from localized .resx files and from satellite assembly files can be imported to .NET projects.
  • Project Wizard can import existing translations into a .NET project.
  • .NET: User can control if resource values matching the original values are written to the localized resource files.
  • New "Locked" button on the form editor toolbar. Press it to freeze all controls on the form. After that controls can not be moved or resized by mouse. That prevents to move controls accidentally.
  • Highlighting for identical strings in the original and localized language columns.
  • Sisulizer localizes also 64-bit PE files (e.g. .EXE and .DLL).
  • HTML Help support added. Sisulizer localizes .CHM files.
  • .NET: Support for Infragistics.Win.UltraWinTabControl.UltraTabControl control added.
  • Sisulizer user interface localized to Polish.
  • Search results pane. There is a Find All button in the Find dialog. Pressing it, all matching rows will be collected to this new pane. You can browse those rows afterwards.
  • The date of DRC file in Delphi projects will be checked during scanning
  • Custom source code can have different string begin and end delimiters.
  • Sisulizer user interface localized to French, Polish, Russian, and Simplified Chinese
  • You can filter strings by the length of the translation
  • Translation fallback feature implemented. If you have a sub language or language variant and it does not have a translation Sisulizer uses the translation of the main language (if any).
  • .NET: Tested and mapped with Infragistics's NetAdvantace components and Janus components.
  • VB: Sisulizer scans List property of VB.ListBox and VB.ComboBox components. Also binary Text and TextRTF properties are scanned.
  • HTML: Sisulizer can automatically copy image files from original directories to localized directories.
  • Validation list report in HTML format
  • You can now validate also original values (check duplicate hot keys for example)
  • Multi cell paste. If you have a single line text on clipboard and you paste it to the selection that contains multiple cells, the text will be pasted into each cell.
  • Sheet filter dialog remembers last time selected page sheet.
  • Sisulizer now has Office like menus.
  • Sisulizer setup and application work on Windows Vista. Currently Sisulizer requires administrator privileges. This means that the user that installs and uses Sisulizer must have admin user rights. We will make Sisulizer compatible to standard users in near future.
  • You can download original HTML files from the server to Sisulizer. You can download all files or modified only.
  • You can determine where an image or text appears on a toolbar button.
  • Source toolbar. It is located above the project tree. You can find there the most common tasks of the selected source.
  • Sisulizer adds removed translations automatically to translation memory.
  • .NET: Sisulizer localizes also WIN32 resources of .NET assemblies such as version and icon resources.
  • HTML: You can upload localized files to the server directly from Sisulizer.

Improved features in 1.5...

  • VCL: When using SetNewResourceFile functions the application form does not move to the default position any more but maintains its current position and size.
  • Perl: Sisulizer now properly scan Perl strings using qq{...} and qq(...) formats.
  • Only the first one who opens the same Sisulizer's project file gets it as writable. All the others open it as read only.
  • .NET localization is now completely .NET version-independent. Sisulizer works with any .NET version.
  • .NET: Sisulizer does not load .NET assembly files any more when scanning them. Because of this the assembly files will not be locked.
  • You can resize a column to fit text by double clicking the column when the resizing cursor is on.
  • Perl: Sisulizer now properly scan Perl strings using qq/.../ format.
  • Translate duplicate option now ignores spaces, colons and &-characters as translation memory does.
  • Saving the project doesn't clear the undo buffer anymore.
  • .NET: When importing .resx files to an existing project Sisulizer uses the namespace of the existing project instead of the namespace of the imported file. This makes is possible to import existing resources files even after you have changed the namespace of your application.
  • In HTML you can select different text segments separately.
  • If you have set special sheet filters on there is an indicator on the filter panel.
  • VB: Sisulizer scans also standard Windows resources such as string, bitmaps and icons.
  • Export Wizard: Sisulizer remembers previous settings and output languages can be mapped.
  • When you are editing a cell on the sheet and holding Ctrl-key down left and right arrows jump to the left/right word. Previous builds stop editing and moved to the next cell.
  • Filter check boxes have images.
  • You can move controls by arrow keys without holding down the Ctrl key.
  • HTML WYSIWYG drawing improved (for example <div>).
  • When you map or remap a component its rows keep the same status as old component. No new rows will be generated.
  • Localized HTML files will be generated automatically if they don't exist or are out of date when pressing Run Localized button.
  • Unused items (nodes, components, rows) will be removed automatically after scanning if they have no translations.
  • You can use empty strings ("") as translation.
  • If control will be sized automatically it has only one white tracker on the left top corner. Not eight blacks like normally.
  • Delphi: An example that shows how to select and change the language on runtime without Sisulizer's select language dialog added.
  • Bidirectional localization improved by implementing reading order change and mirroring. Bidirectional samples added.
  • RC: The dialog title will be shown on the project tree if dialog id is numeric.
  • VCL: Tested and mapped with newest Developer Express components. Localizes also binary data of DevExpress components.
  • Sheet combo box drop down button changed to XP-style.
  • VB: MSForms components mapped and Picture data scanning implemented.
  • System language and locales were improved to hold custom language, countries and variants.
  • You can sort some columns of list views by clicking them.
  • Old texts will be found better in HTML if you add and modify tags and texts.
  • You can force edit and sheet windows to be repainted when you hold down an arrow key in the project tree. Right click project tree, choose "Tree Properties..." and check "Repaint windows when the user is holding down an arrow key"
  • Separate settings for original and translation validations.
  • New "Filter" toolbar implemented. The filtering buttons of standard toolbar has been moved into it. By default it is hidden.
  • Output log will be saved in HTML format. It displays the log in HTML browser. Print and Copy buttons are removed. You can do those actions from the browser.
  • .NET: Inherited elements in the inherited forms are shown better in the visual editor.
  • If row is "Read Only" you can now change it's status and comment.
  • Menu editor has scrolling capabilities.
  • Some menu images added.
  • Column sorting has been optimized.
  • Separate VCL Source Options "Scan images from from data" has been removed. The same action can be found from "Excluded types" sheet.
  • Importing from localized files is now much much faster plus Sisulizer shows the process on a progress bar.
  • Some toolbar flickering eliminated.
  • Menu drawing.
  • You can quickly add a new language selecting from toolbar's last item "Add..."
  • .NET: Sisulizer visual editor can show referenced images. This means images that a resource file use but the actual image data is on different resource file.
  • XML, Source code and Ini: Visual editor improved to accept key strokes to scroll and move around in the document.

Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions!

Sisulizer 1.1

Here is our impressive list of new features in Sisulizer since version 1.0. In addition to these 35 new features we have 24 improved features.

A lot of the important new features focus on better support for the .NET platform. Sisulizer 1.1 has real visual support for inherited controls. You see inherited elements at the place where they are referenced and not out-of-scope. This is visual editing as it should be.

Sisulizer 1.1 comes with full support for all new Borland Turbo languages. For us as a proud Borland Technology Partner it is a pleasure to support these new platforms.

With Sisulizer 1.1 HTML support is highly improved and can be used for website localization.

For most of these changes we have to say "Thank You" to our honored customers helping us to improve Sisulizer day by day.

Existing customers simply download the newest build from our download page and upgrade their existing installation.

We highly recommend everybody to download and install the newest build now to profit from all the new features and bug fixes!

New features

  • Sisulizer adds removed translations automatically to translation memory
  • .NET: Sisulizer localizes also WIN32 resources of .NET assemblies such as version and icon resources.
  • HTML: You can upload localized files to the server directly from Sisulizer
  • You can validate a single form (or node) only.
  • .NET. Other resources but string are localized in the non-form based .resx files.
  • IntraWeb components mapped and tested.
  • Validation Fix and Fix all Undo/Redo implemented
  • Edit comment Undo/Redo implemented
  • UNDO/REDO works now for Set Max characters and pixels
  • When you move cursor on the comment mark (red or blue triangle) a popup window will be opened
  • Source code, Ini and XML files can contains expressions that describe how combined data is broken to pieces.
  • Importing of new Microsoft CSV files.
  • Sisulizer can now read and write data in UTF-8 from/to database fields.
  • Some triggers added. For example if user hasn't validated the project for a while a trigger will be activated during building.
  • HTML source also scans images. Images can also be translated
  • Sisulizer localizes images and icons of Classic Visual Basic project.
  • Different view modes for the project tree. You can filter all the items that can be translated. Or only those that need to be translated.
  • When node is completely translated, a green check will be displayed.
  • Menu item editor. You can edit the different parts of selected menu item.
  • Sisulizer can now import strings from localized source code files.
  • When you move cursor to the left of a row in the sheet and keep it the for a while a hint window will appear.
  • Support for Symbian .rls and .loc files added.
  • Quick access to validations (clipped text, invalid hotkey, overlapped controls) in form WYSIWYG
  • Automatic fixes during validation
  • Sisulizer localizes .NET's .resources files
  • Sisulizer checks if the project file to be opened is created with newer Sisulizer.
  • During HTML building copies also images the the destination directory
  • Empty HTML sub folders are ignored
  • "Columns..." menu added to the column popup menu
  • When exchanging or exporting project it is now possible to filter data based on the data type.
  • User Controls are shown in-place, or in other words at the places where they are used, and not only where they are defined.
  • Comma Separated Value file (.csv) localization added.
  • Edit | Replace UNDO/REDO implemented.
  • Sisulizer can import translations from localized PO files.
  • If you change slightly the string value of a tag or element in HTML or XML Sisulizer now maintains the existing translations but marks the row as changed.

Please also visit our support forum. You will see yourself that almost all issues are solved in less than one week. We know that a good support is very important for your localization success.