LinuxLive USB Creator

by Thibaut Lauziere

Its free and open source software to USB

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Thibaut Lauziere

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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LinuxLive USB Creator is an easy-to-Make a bootable USB disk using Linux that you can use to store the Linux software. With the program, users can download images from the network in a short period of time, in many different distributions. You can download images from the SYSLINUX client as well as the GRUB client, using this utility. Furthermore, it has a great feature that allows you to directly run Linux on your Windows system without even having to configure any settings manually in order to do so.

Working with the program is as easy as you can make it work. A series of steps can be taken to complete the creation process. To create the boot drive, you have to choose a USB drive then determine where the drive can be created, then you can edit the settings. The files you create may need to be hidden, so as not to ruin your hard drive. In addition, LinuxLive USB Creator can check the distribution for errors in it, which will avoid unnecessary trouble.

- We continually update the list of distributions we support;.

- Directly on Windows is possible thanks to a functional component for Linux that allows it to operate.

- Distributions will be scanned for errors if they are downloaded, downloaded, scanned for errors;

- It supports ISO and IMG images.

- Direct access to applications;; ionary directly on the LiveUSB;

- free distribution;

- The program supports Russian language input.

I enjoy a professionally formatted description of my products because it ties into the quality and capability of the product. Some ones just make sure the item's capability and function are taken into consideration before preparing a proper description. Anyone who wishes to open a Linux system emulator on Windows with this application will be able to do so.
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