Light Artist

by Vicman

One of the distinctive image editing platform supports wide variety of image editing options

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vicman

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Light Artist is one of the fun-This is a type of software, developed by VicMan. You are using this software by using the user-only version.friendly and easy-to-use application. Its unique features gave it a realistic photographic effect. There are many effects used to make older photographs look more like a newer version or vice versa. The photo makes a change in color depending on a color gradient and it makes a change of image impression based on a color scheme. The Image Editing Tools of Fun was created for fun purposes - there are many options for Image Editing Tools of Fun.The editing options available for each image have been filled. JPEG and Bitmap images can be downloaded. There are multiple versions of Windows that can run this application. A full set of Microsoft Windows 10 applications can also be used.

Software like this has many amazing features like purple lighting, deep blue lights, flood lights, fire lighting, and Jupiter rising and others.Another option is specular photography, i.e., a method by which you obtain the exact image that you would like with minimal effort. With this software you can predefined style the photos to make them lifelike. It also offers directions such as diagonal, omnidirectional, and parallel selections, allowing you to take perfect photos. It is possible to apply different techniques to a single photograph.

In addition to providing a 3D relief effect, this program can also record video. As a result of these effects applied, the image becomes more artificial. It illuminates dull pictures into bright ones by utilizing interesting light effects. All types of photographs can be taken with the lighting effects available in this software. Saving and manipulating the light settings may result in additional editing of pictures. There are plugins for creating thumbnail images inside.

Using its unique editing tools, it provides crisp, detailed images.

  • Easy to use.
  • Microsoft Windows 8, 9 and 10 are supported. It is free and available.
  • Images which are converted into JPEG and bitmap formats.
  • Lots of fun-filled features.
  • Provides realistic lighting effects on photographs to make them look better.

Windows 10 compatibility is full for this device.

You know how important lighting is for your photographs from a photographer or an artist. Having used Light Artist for years now, I can confidently say that it has enhanced my realistic and realistic photos with features that make them look alive and believable. The Light Artist application allows me to darken my photos to give them that dreamy or moody look. I can also add sunny effects to my photos.
I'm a business owner in photo studio, it really is having fun while making new effects. I find it engaging and interactive as well, extremely recommended, grateful to the creators and very pleased with their product.
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