Liferay Portal


Enterprise open-Framework for content management via portal content management framework for content management.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LIFERAY INC.

Release: Liferay Portal 6.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Liferay Portal fancies itself as the world's leading enterprise open-As a result, the web publishing, content management, and service bus components work seamlessly with the vast majority of major elements of modern IT infrastructure. From the ground up, each commerce project is designed in-house using multiple B2B and/or B2C business and marketing tools, plus a number of customizability options.

However, there are some flaws with this application. There are many outdated or half-assed features present in those pieces.A feature that became so important as it began as nothing yet but could not become an integral part of the work. For basic websites, Liferay Portal has fantastic capabilities, but for more in-It can take a website or project with a number of layers and projects to end a web content staging. Despite the claim of having been tailor-made specifically for big projects, this suite is not very useful for projects in excess of $100 million.

Even with a name such as Gartner associated with it, you may be surprised at how much more is available. I certainly did. The process of upgrading databases is painful when moving from one major version to the next, and patches often contain new features that don't work and require massive re-engineering. Liferay Portal support can take literally hours to respond to help requests.

Liferay has always been further improving, especially with the improved capabilities of its navigation system. In general, you can hardly handle an enterprise portal suite of this size. But unless you are trying to build a pretty simple and small website, it makes no sense for you to do much more than that. We take great pride in providing intuitive, responsive, and easy-to-use features without breaking down or getting outdated in a manner that causes others to do the same. Make sure you take your own risks, unless you're really aware of what you're doing.

Build a commerce project with B2B or B2C features

  • Full-featured web publishing
  • Team-based site editing
  • Role-based content discovery
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office
  • Social networking with analytics
Your company's portal will be more successful when you use Liferay Portal on Windows to serve your whole client base. Installing this software is simple;; It does a great job; In spite of this, for success using Liferay, you have to master the Java Technology since it involves Java programming.Web application platform, based on PHP. The platform, called Liferay, is an open source and free enterprise portal featuring all the features of its website visitors.
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