LG Smart Share

by LG Electronics

Transfer videos, music, applications, pictures, and files from one television to another easily

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LG Electronics

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If your TVs and devices have wireless internet capabilities, you can easily use LG Smart Share to share your digital content across all your devices safely and securely.


  • Uses DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology to connect wirelessly to all your devices securely and quickly leveraging your home network using cable or WiFi
  • Comes with a modern and user-friendly interface
  • All your content is neatly organized in directories so you can easily share your content by clicking one button
  • There is a preview capability so you can ensure that you are sharing the right content and block content you don't want to share
  • There are security capabilities in the tool to permanently restrict sharing of any content with an easy to use the block button
  • Colors for the text of files are used to indicate which content is shared and blocked (blue for shared content and red for blocked content) and to which specified devices
  • Adding and removing devices to share is also easy to do in this application

LG Smart Share is a very powerful and easy to use the application to share content among all your devices including TVs. You can easily share your digital content across all your devices with this easy-to-use tool. An affordable, easy-to-use device to use digital content sharing technology Thanks to our user-friendly interface.A user-friendly interface that is simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use.

The LG Smart Share software allows you to share content between devices by simply clicking on a single button.

There are several more requirements:

  • LG Smart Share is freeware and can be used without restrictions
  • Supported on Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10)
  • TV sets should use at least Netcast 4.0 to use LG Smart Share
  • PCs, laptops, and all TVs need to be on the same network (wired or wireless)
  • Easy to install
With Smart Share for Windows, organizing is made easy. Various types of media can be stored and then shared. A video album, a music store, photos, and all of your camera-friendly photos can be kept under control. This app has the ability to upload movies and TV shows, making it a great addition to your digital library. is compatible with external flash drives, and your files are available no matter when you install it.
The LG Smart Share software program allows me to play videos, photos, and other content on my TV using my phone or tablet. The television must be from LG, however, and is of the LG smart TV series. It is fun to take home videos of our travels and whatnot, and showing them all to loved ones makes this so rewarding.
The LG television I've just bought is a new model. On the lg website, I was able to download the LG Smart Share for Windows to watch videos, movies, and listen to music with ease. It is available for users of mobile devices like the LG Smart TV running WebOS and PCs. With it, I can switch between platforms quickly. Using the magic remote will just require me to click on the home button. There isn't much difficulty with it.
Does your TV work with a smartphone like an LG TV? What? Please share!. LG SmartShare is a great device for sharing your videos. You can mirror a picture on your LG SmartShare device, whether a Tablet, Phone, or an ung software that allows for the user to “mirror” their screen of their device, whether it is a tablet, phone, or even a PC. It means that you have a set if you have one.DLNA connectivity, as well as higher fidelity, better quality, and better functionality, is offered by LG SmartShare, a great alternative whether you've got a TV without HDMI in it or aren't wired in. Taking the step of installing LG SmartShare is an option you could definitely consider if you would rather share the content of your devices without the necessity of a wire connection.
LG Smart Share for Windows was my favorite!! It's useful in getting computers and TVs connected the same way, but is also helpful when connecting the LG stylo to my TV. I can take photos from my phone and share them on my computer or tv in a seamless manner!! The app also includes ways to exit photos in which I can take beautiful photos to enhance my collection. It's also great that I can access my music from my computer while I am at home, from my phone as I am out and about, as well as from my TV while I'm working. This app is excellent.
With LG Smart Share for Windows you will be able to place your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone like a remote display on your TV. If you install it, it will let you connect your PC to a multimedia server, so you can see your desktop, browse through your photo collection, and even enjoy a movie on display!!
With LG Smart Share, your screen size is double and it has intelligent software. I am glad to see it was double-formatted. Initially, I thought it must be something apple does, but you definitely don't have anything like it as far as cooler than apple. Because there is almost nothing left in the computer screen that cannot be played at full resolution, smaller screens often mean larger screens and a lengthy wait until the screen is even larger. With LG's future plans for this, I can see what it can do.
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