by LemonWire

Files can be shared from a PC to another without torrents, allowing users to access them from any device.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LemonWire

Release: LemonWire 10/10/2018

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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LemonWire is a new p2p file-sharing system that built upon the legacy LemonWire p2p software. This client provides customers with access to the content they desire directly from the web, without the need to search for it or go to torrent websites. It features a modern user interface, which makes searching for content incredibly easy. The application for LemonWire is free for the time being, but the company does plans on offering the service periodically in the future. In this case, it uses the widely used decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network "Gnutella.". With the software, one of the main benefits is its high speed at which it transfers videos and its availability at which it provides file access. Aside from this feature, LemonWire is particularly useful for video and audio sharing. A significant portion of its infrastructure uses the BitTorrent protocol, which has been proven to be trustworthy, simple to understand, and effective for transferring large amounts of data. An added benefit of using this software GUI is the flexibility you get to create your very own searches. The GUI has a modern look as well, so you can customize it as necessary for your unique tastes and preferences. Search and media player tools are included with the software. Direct play of content from the software won't require a separate application and is easy to utilize. Immediately after your download, the software can be used, but the system cannot operate.free one-time setup procedure.


  • Fast P2P file sharing without the need for torrents
  • Does not use the digital restrictions and rights management (DRM) framework (hence improving the speed)
  • Uses the decentralized p2p network Gnutella which is used by millions of users
  • Free application

In conclusion, LemonWire is a decentralized, fast, and free p2p file sharing platform that bypasses the need for torrent websites.

Using torrent websites or torrent files will completely bypass this requirement.
Nick Ellis
This is a software that allows the user to transfer and share files to other people the files can be of any media type
This free to use P2P file sharing system is perfect for anyone not wishing to download torrents via torrent sites. Its easy to use and everything is all in one place. The software boasts a lovely modern GUI which makes the workflow effortless and simple to use. Everything can be played via LemonWire so there is no need to open up other media players to watch movies or listen to music. Perfect.
Muhammad Scherer
LemonWire allows its users to share any file on their computers with anyone else on network, and to get new files as well.
Remember the days of Limewire/Frostwire where you could download your favorite movies, music and more? Well Lemonwire is here to bring that back! This P2P application allows virtually the same usage as those programs of the past, with a bit more options and now runs on the Gnutella network. Using new Bittorrent protocols as well as simple and, if you’ve used the aforementioned apps, nostalgic interface, will easily usher you back to those times as well as offering much more accurate and safe downloads and file sharing.
lemonwire is a peer to peer sharing platform like utorrent. it has a clean and smart interface.it is connecting to server very fast it has a built in search box and media player. it has expert search option for a better search result.and its totally a freeware so it is best to replace some peer to peer software out there but not the best in the business still the best is utorrent and bittorrent.
LemonWire is a file transfer software that its users can be able to use to transfer files of any kind of demand directly to another host. This can help you transfer files safely and securely on demand on the network making the process easy safe and simple to understand. While other softwares are known to slow your computer down this one is designed to do it in a resource conservative way.
It`s fast and very easy to use. Works impeccably well and the speed is generally good. It is very stable and easy to install. It functions well and its general appearance is fantastic. its users can be able to transfer files of any kind directly to another host. This can help you transfer files safely and securely on-demand on the network making the process easy, safe and simple to understand.
Lemonwire helps you share files with easy. The design of the app is very modern and kept up to date frequently. You can search and download content with just the click of a button. The best part of all is that this app is free to use for everyone. This app is also very fast with processing, so you do not have to spend time waiting around for a download.
Great functional, awesome speed, and easy to use. A better than Limewire, I would recommend it! Download and uploads speeds seem to be a plus with this software. Specialized searches are a handy feature. File transfer control is nice to have when needed. Overall a good piece of software. The optional advertising toolbar is also a plus!
LemonWire is a free peer to peer file sharing system, with a modern design and simple GUI, that allows you to search and download content without having to use torrents. Because it uses the p2p network Gnutella, content availability and speeds are high. There is a built-in video player which allows users to directly play files straight from the application without having to load a native media player.
I was looking for a p2p download client for Gnutella network and I stumbled upon LemonWire for Windows. It's the coolest thing. I can search for the files I want to download. I have control over the file transfer and download and upload limit. It's fast. The functionality is amazing. I will be spending a lot time searching for files to download.
A great peer to peer file sharing system. This software is free, and easy to use. Setup is very simple and user friendly. Able to share any file such as pictures, videos, games, music, software or documents with other users in the system. Software comes with built-in search tools and media player. Allows you to download directly from other users.
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