League of Legends

by Riot Games

High-quality graphics and Dungeons and Dragons like characters

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Riot Games

Release: League of Legends 9.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

I found this software to be somewhat clunky. I had to create a username with my e-mail address in order to download the files. As part of the installation, 8 points are installed.This requires two gigabytes of memory. There are many things to think about. I can set up a root folder for that folder as I see fit. According to the latest version, the install is about 145 million lines. You can't go wrong with the splash screen intro graphics. It was recently requested to download 2GB more. As far as I am concerned, not sure why a little girl with an ugly, non-existent teddy bear gets angry as she does.

Bubble windows are used to read many text-related events starting the game. Despite this, 12% of the game still installs something, such as its Game client, now. Characters Miss Sarah Fortune (Bilgewater captain and Bounty hunter), Darius (Hand of Noxus), Ahri (Fox woman), Master Yi (blade man), and Lux (the lady of luminosity). Those characters are amazing.

At 30%, the install is complete. The program seems to be installing Microsoft Office. For security reasons, this is also measured by ETA time, as it is expected to download.

The intro Awesome. Besides Hotkeys, Video, etc., you can change the environment I create by default. Games have characters moving, but regular mice do not do so very well. Despite the need for a gaming mouse, it runs on the go. Action in the film is cool and striking, but while shooting, the characters walked slowly and a bit leisurely, as the cameras panned to them. Getting an up right and leaving move reminds me of what I used to do on Xegames. However, this will likely become better over time. The character looks pretty good in the game. It was pretty difficult to overtake the first big man. I lost my life within 45 seconds of going into battle. A future life brought me peace against an enemy who tried to steal my life.

It keeps clicking, I'm told. I exited this review after learning part of the gameplay. As well as rewards, there is also the chance to earn them. My path will be illuminated when I hit Q, R, D, E, or F hotkeys. This implies I can shoot a bigger gun, jump on to an actual compass or display a small indication. Compared to Zelda, this game seems a little bit more like Grand Theft Auto; however, there aren't many individual rooms, and the main route consists of more narrow paths. It is possible to equip an emote, skin, or Champions in the My Collection. For someone playing for about two months, the game really fits in.


  • 5 characters to choose as your player
  • The game is able to work with a regular mouse
  • Does not need special graphics
  • Comes with a tutorial
  • High-quality graphics
As i am living in northern America, the server is only somewhat satisfactory for me. It's also super fast, and the image quality is superb.
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