by Simple Machines

Lazarus is an open source, multi-platform compiler that runs on most operating systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Simple Machines

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Lazarus is a professional development environment based on the Free Pascal compiler and IDE. A GUI, console, and dynamic library can all be created through this universal tool.

Although Lazarus is a free open source development environment, it provides users with a wide range of features. In addition to a visual designer of forms, we also need an extensive component library. There are very few elements in this library that have VCL ties; only those elements (heads, fields, buttons, windows) are similar. Their services help you create simple graphics-friendly applications. Delphi programmers get the most out of their development environment with compatibility of libraries.

- built-in debugger GDB;

- For programming and interface development environments, UTF-compliant formats are supported.8;

- Two assembler types should be used: The different types... AT&T and Intel;

- An entirely new framework for package management; a self-managed.

- Jedi Code Format is an automatic method of formatting codes quickly and efficiently.

With Lazarus for Windows, you will be able to access programming environments you'd otherwise find too difficult. You can turn this program into your main development tool very easily. It's intuitive enough to take on a beginner quickly, the installation process couldn't be easier, and it works perfectly since it executes tasks just in time. I enjoyed that the application is so easy to use when you don't have time to wait for it to do other things
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