Auto-By using the pilot, you'll be able to log in to all your accounts at once.With LastPass you can simplify your life, returning to everything that appeals to you.

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LastPass is not a regular password manager. By using this program not only does your accounts data have to be stored and you are automatically registered in any other popular browser, but you also create login credentials and create registration forms in other popular browsers as well. mobile platform as well as having an application client. Windows Marketplace, AppStore, and Google Play offer it free of charge.

I want to direct you to this edition of the program once again. Immediately after installing LastPass on your computer, it will offer you to add your own extension to your browser, which will be used when working with registration forms. Password databases can be automatically synchronized between computers, to connect other devices used by your account, upon a change in your account settings. No one would argue against the argument that the program is valuable and worthwhile.

- Mobile devices such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone support the application.

- Among its features are integrated with Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari; Internet Explorer; Google Chrome; and Google Docs.

- The individual may complete forms on his own ;

- Synchronization of data between devices is possible.

LastPass RC3 1.44 (3.76 MB)
LastPass 1.51.2 (4.42 MB)
You can log in to LastPass from any device or computer using a password that was saved with LastPass.
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