by Innovate Labs, LLC

Open source to free users from blocked websites and software. Uses proxies to gain access

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Innovate Labs, LLC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Lantern is a program that helps you access sites that are not available in your country for any reason. In order to accomplish this, Firefox utilizes a web proxy, and Chromium browser works in no hurry. We use encryption algorithms to guarantee you can browse anonymously when we connect to the server.

How does Lantern differ from other proxies and VPN services? It is simply - - simple - - the answer is simple - - speed! For watching streaming video (even though they can get as high as U.S. -ultra settings), this program allows you to transfer very quickly.The download of "heavy" files and images at high resolutions. It is unfortunately not possible for users to use the service very often due to its free version. Active users are unlikely to be able to use any of the network's megabytes in a month with only a few hundred allocated monthly. Because of this, paying subscribers should also be aware that Lantern itself is quite expensive when free traffic has run its course. We can recommend extensions Hola and ZenMate, both free, that serve a reasonable function in terms of bandwidth capacity.

Lantern's subscription can also be used to surf for Android and not just the desktop. A proxy can be connected quickly and easily using this operating system, which includes an application for Chrome as well as other programs. One of Lantern's greatest assets is its ease of use. This version of Windows does not even have a graphical shell to navigate through, much less interact with it.

- With high speed proxy access, viewing videos can be easier and some heavy files can be downloaded without headaches.

- The circumvention of regional Web Service restrictions by bypassing them directly";

- Using Chrome in combination with only one software application; ws exclusively "paired" with Chrome;

- Transmitting data should be secure, secure encryption of transmitted data;

- What do I do if I want to change my real e e IP address;

- It is possible to install a mobile app for Android using this website. You can subscribe for the desktop or mobile version at the same time.

Visits to the country's sites can be accessed using the lantern device. In order to do so it should be using the Web proxy and Chrome browser as most of the tasks are indistinguishable.The search algorithms are chosen based on our criteria.Android also uses lantern subscriptions.A mandatory requirement is a high-speed internet connection.
For Windows you can escape any censorship restrictions by using Lantern, an application designed specifically for this purpose. In contrast to other VPN proxy services, Lantern is only activated when it detects censored materials. As a result, you are able to access the Internet mostly and browse with minimal difficulty.
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