LanSpy is a set of network utilities brought together in a single program with simple and easy-to-use interface

Operating system: Windows


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LanSpy is a useful program that will become an indispensable tool in the arsenal of the system administrator. There are several features to this service that make it easy and efficient for you to receive information about the remote system:

Domain name.

NetBios names.

MAC address.

Server information.

Information about the working group can be found here.

Domain controllers.

Remote control.

It's time.



Power adapters.


Connected users.

Global groups.

Local groups.

Access policies.

Shared resources.


Open files.



The register.

Event log.

Network statistics.

LanSpy also scans for open ports and records the responses from each of them, so if you need to find out who is working on the remote computer, which operating system is installed or just becomes interesting when a certain computer in the network was turned on, this program will be a good choice for you. For free, LanSpy allows you to search a remote computer for information in a few seconds.

It is appropriate to download the product for remotely connecting to a computer. If I am using the software for a specific business or job-related project, I will not consider downloading it myself. I believe that the software is called edgy under its title. Why would I want to use something other than LanSPY is completely irrelevant. The focus of this activity would appear to be more on conspicuous measures of monitoring, rather than what would be done by normal volunteers.
The program analyzes and displays information the computer has collected about its remote location in a few seconds.
Using LanSpy for Windows lets me check my network's security pretty quickly. can identify rogue devices that cause problems, so I run it at home often to ensure I never let another computer hack into my network.
LanSpy makes it simple to manage network utilities. You can download Windows OS and install it instantly. Getting a good product has been pleasing to the user base. Utilities are easier to configure when LanSpy is installed. As a result, the new app offers an ease of use that few other products can match. Neither the critics nor the users were the only ones who contributed good feedback. People feel good about the app in general.
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The IP address of the computer must be hidden so that it cannot be accessed.
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You will need to uncheck this box in Windows programs to make your IP address hidden.
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The service allows the location of hidden IP addresses to be hidden.
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Changing your IP address is now easier and more affordable than ever before.
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Your IP address can be hidden, IP country can be selected, and privacy software can be used to surf anonymously.