by Lantricks

A remote system to power down or reboot your PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lantricks

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A program titled LanShutDown was made to shut down or reboot remotely. Both locally and over the internet are possible when using it on Windows 2000/SP-2003. When your computer shuts down, you can leave a message on it soon after. In order to perform a function, users must have Administrator authorization.

LanShutDown does not have the requirement of a remote agent to be installed. Through the program, the program is fired up remotely and the data is turned over, and it is not difficult to use in small to large businesses.scale networks.

In contrast to others, LanShutDown comes with two programs. Using LanShutdownC as a tool, LanShutdown can shut down your computer.Run exe to shutdown the computer; 2) ShutdownC.Operation exe is a computer control software. As a result of both programs, remote hosts are automatically shutdown by a simple command-file such as cmd or bat.

It allows the computer to shut down while LanShutDown is active.

In addition to the chance to terminate the relationship with the computer, the right-hand action window also displays IP addresses and friendly computer names. As a result, only your network will reboot when you are logged on. has an intuitive interface and allows you to operate older machines even more easily.

The following are a couple of pros.

2) Restore and shutdown the Hosts remotely; 3) Run and close the windows on the Hosts.

Applications will be ended, as they shut down and reopen; 2) Delete existing

3) Programs are designed to run on limited system resources and you can see it in the taskbar.

4) The program is light on resources. is intended for small system resources and is displayed in the taskbar rather than on the monitor.

It's not clear how the cons play out: :

For a machine which uses Windows 2000, this program has not been updated since 2005.

In addition, users have reported using it with Vista; 2.

In contrast, RemoteReboot X can be used instead for Windows 7 and Windows 10 users.

' LanShut Down' is a free software for windows that will shut down on Linux.

Latest LanShutDown installer ;

Is compatible with all versions of Windows.

* Users choice.

In the past decade, LanShut Down has not undergone any updates. Computers running Windows NT and Windows 2000 will work well with it. Some versions cannot be adapted.

With LanShutDown, it is easier than ever to stop your PC at any time. Windows also needs a restart that has a functioning clock. It is possible to connect to the command via the web or to connect locally. With LanShutDown, you will be able to make a message that is notified ahead of time of the shutdown. I find this to be a nice feature.
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