LanAgent Standard

by NetworkProfi

LanAgent is a smart tool to monitor all actions of a remote computer user

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NetworkProfi

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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User activity on computers is monitored in a local network by LanAgent. Utilizing this program, you will have the ability to track how your employees spend their time, and to identify actions not related to their workload.

There are two parts of LanAgent - one for Windows. client and server. Computers belong to owners with servers and computers for clients install client parts of the program. The client collects information about all computer activities going on in the network and transmits the data to the server, which analyzes it. Reports are presented as summaries.

As soon as a UserAdministrator receives encrypted logs regarding the client part, they're forwarded to the server in a secure manner. Once sent, they cannot be saved.

- Its operation depends solely on a client server.The shutdown of the admin computer won't adversely affect whether their computers will continue to operate.

- Data is exchanged via TCP/IP. All that is needed is that a computer on the network be identified as the user with the Internet protocol address;

- Logs can be stored on users' computers after a certain amount of time has passed. In theory, they are able to grow only as long as the size of the hard disk limits their size. If you login a lot larger, it will take much longer for the administrator to get access to your computer; s larger the login size, the more time it will take to transfer to the administrator's computer;

- The client part of LanAgent automatically started when Windows began, e.g.The script runs automatically. Monitoring begins automatically at the same time, but is disable in Windows if you so choose. After that, the client will start. Monitoring will remain disabled until a server command is executed.

For nearly all years of my stay here, I have had to keep track of what my employees have been doing from a computer, but I now have the knowledge that I have from all the websites that are histories into my command center. It is important to check the performance of any of my employees. industrial uses which are helpful.
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