Kruptos 2 Professional

by Steve Beckett

A document and file encryption program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Steve Beckett

Release: Kruptos 2 Professional

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Prevents private files and documents from being modified, read or accessed without proper password!

  • Uses strong 256-"Gold" is encrypted at bit rate, which means the encryption method will be "military-grade". In the field of encryption security, it has been regarded as the gold standard.
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Includes password generator and analyzer which can create passcodes that are strong and makes suggestions as to how to improve security
  • Has a file shredder feature included. This feature allows the user to select various speeds and strengths of shredding to be selected
  • A global leader in cross-platform protection. Governments, businesses, and individuals use this technology.
  • Allows for cascading levels of passwords/access under a "master" password.
  • Easy to navigate and easy to learn program. Utilizes an office style Ribbon toolbar, start button, etc.
  • Supports drag and drop files and folders into the Kruptos interface.
  • Files can easily be changed by automatically re-downloading decryption.Locking the file once it is closed means it will be encrypt.
  • When one clicks on a toolbar extension or plugin, they encrypts and decrypts files within seconds. It also supports the ability to encrypt an entire USB flash drive.
  • Low cost compared to many other products on the market. The availability of the product may vary based on how the product is used and the time of day when it is used.
  • Allows files of any size and any type to be encrypted
  • Encrypts files on Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and of course, on your own personal machine.
  • Can encrypt file names if you wish
  • It has a free option which can give you a start and allow you to test the product before you buy it. Nevertheless, this program is limited in its functionality.
  • Product reviews on technology blogs and security websites are always very positive and regarded with top ranking.
  • Every day we receive threats and changes in the world.
  • We strive to address bugs and problems with our software, and we constantly update the software.
  • Makes things really easy to carry across the board.platform work. This is an encryption tool that works on a variety of platforms.
Kruptos 2 Software.Worldwide, they offer cross-selling services to enterprises.Using and preserving vulnerable data on removable media, including on desktops and laptops on an enterprise's platform offers an easy way for enterprises to safeguard their most important data. Among Kruptos 2 Software's headquarters are in Europe and Asia. Kruptos 2 encryption software offers several standout features: ;; );.I have the following tools and services: a file shredder, auto encryption, secret notes, and a method for storing letters on SSD, 56bit encryption with cloud, random password generator, tledge shredder,auto encryption,secret notes, intergration with
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