by The Krita team

Supports drawing on tablets through windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The Krita team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Krita is one of the most advanced free drawing solutions, which also has open source code. Learn more about the program by going to the official website: s illustrators, comic book creators and even gamers appreciate this program. Your favorite layer or channel can be used as well as one or more brushes. By configuring your brushes and enabling new settings, the app allows you to design brushes from scratch. Like any similar software solution, which is also aimed at professionals, Krita is able to work with most popular models of drawing tablets and touch screen.

As for Krita's other positive aspects, a CMYK input is essential, HDR in drawing mode, HDR grid adjustment, and its assistant at drawing gives you additional tools to fine-tune the model and thus allow you to prepare the artwork under the color of a water color or oil. PNG, JPEG, PPM, PSD, TIFF, and even as a PDF document can all be converted for saving the finished work. Generally speaking, the Krita interface is one of the most common ones for such programs. Two freely moving toolbars and a main editing window can be accessed from here.

- Managing layers and channels is easy through it;;

- Create many of your own brushes with a selection of over 6,000; ;

- Ready to be downloaded ergest ready-You can make all of the same works in various graphic formats, including Adobe D12.

- This program has similar e interface for such programs;

- There is a free open source development environment on which this app is built.

Krita (75.72 MB)
Krita (46.28 MB)
Krita (46.68 MB)
You can download Krista for Windows for free, then install it inside Windows. In this program, beginners as well as expert photographers can edit their images or even create good art. The features of Krista makes it possible for any artist to draw high-quality artwork and create high-quality illustrations. For Windows users that need the program, they have to have Windows 7 as well as the latest version, Version 7.0 or higher.
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