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Uses Mozilla composer to edit html files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: kaze

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KompoZer is a WYSIWYG editor for developing HTML documents. By using this program, you can develop web pages that utilize all the functionality ofCascading Style Sheets. KompoZer combines the best features of such popular editors as DreamWeaver and FrontPage, while keeping the simplicity that allows even non-By creating a professional workforce, professionals can take care of work.looking sites. As it has no documentation in the field of HTML markup language, the program does not need it knowledge in the field of HTML markup language - For web page creation and creation, all operations are conducted automatically, just as a Word document is created.

Created by Firefox specialists, the Gekko engine used in KompoZer is a powerful tool for navigating on web pages. This platform is fast and reliable for today's market. XML and JavaScript support can be used in KompoZer, as well as uploading pages to FTP servers and switching between the two visual display modes. Table, frame, and template lists as well as color samples, editable pages are displayed in different tabs, and files are automatically cleaned. Web browsers are more capable today of displaying sites built with KompoZer correctly. It includes buttons on the toolbars that you can then set up and spellcheck for selected text.

- Making and editing markup elements in a web browser with the WYSIWYG standard; ].

- An ability to use JavaScript, CSS and XML

- tab support;

- Its a built-in FTP client; as well as: FTP client;

- spell check.

In KomoZer you are able to create even non-HTML documents.If you are not proficient in HTML, please hire professionals or other non-HTML users. KompoZer also includes Javascript and XML support with its Gekko engine. By using this easy-to-use website tool you can easily design professional, quick and editable web pages.
Do not be an engineer to build an Internet website with KompoZer. By its nature, you can use it no matter what kind of code you've already been doing. It is an extremely easy way to establish yourself as an authority on the subject of websites other users might like.
The software is very useful to use. A great thing about it is that it integrates web file management with web page editing into one app. Nevertheless, the size of the app makes it relatively small. Those of you who are also users would also benefit from my recommendation.
This site should be on every web user's priority list-KomoZer for Windows is the king of the web.The tools you can use to edit. Aside from being open source, there are other features, such as allowing you to see what you're designing and hand-editing HTML and CSS code by hand, if that is something that interests you.
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