by Microsoft

FUSE Labs created Kodu as Boku, and it is a programming integrated development environment.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Kodu is a visual programming language from Microsoft that was developed specifically for creating simple games without any software development skills, as well as for acquaintance with the basics of object-oriented programming and algorithmization.

In Kodu, you can create visual scenes and game worlds, add objects and 3D models, and then customize their behavior and interaction, and control them from the keyboard or gamepad. In addition to model building tools, you will discover active active zones and surrounding environments as well as an algorithmic window and many other examples and resources.

The program operates into two modes: (1) manual control, (2) automated control, and (3) automatic mode. Playback and editing of scenes. An object's behavior can be programmed in the first mode; you can change the game world, include elements, and move objects. Using it you can connect to the online game zone from a toolbar displayed on the screen, but you can choose from a list of options on the right side, each one requiring pressing a button. The created world is open when you play in the first mode.

the objects are constructed if they are changed into a configuration...Then, among others, programmers and experts in the field, along with different parameters options to be configure. All of "code" is an outline which consists of visual elements which can be linked, grouped and chemically altered. The only difference between Kodu and a serious development environment is that there are no limits to how complex a programming interface can be. Using the program and watching a couple of training videos can allow you to create games that are similar to a three-point grid.With the ability to move and dominate a game without much effort, Pacman is quite potent.

- Designing games without being familiar with programming languages; ;

- An introduction to object-oriented programming and algorithms;

- interfaces that are simple and pleasant; ;

- Materials and examples that cover many training topics; tious training materials and examples;

- Xbox gamepad support;

- Russian language support.

With Kodu for Windows, if you are unsure about getting started, yet are committed, you can create your own video game. With this program, your own game is ready to run on your computer as well as your Microsoft XBOX 360. Its interface provides plenty of environments, collision courses, and characters. Just download one of them in any of your preferred games.
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