Kingston Format Utility

by Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP

Freeware for PC or laptop that is licensed and easy to use

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Kingston Format Utility is a proprietary utility designed for formatting Kingston USB-drives. All HyperX DTHX30/XXGB series flash drives and any other drives from the same manufacturer will be supported by the program in general. It performs much better than standard formatting tools in regards to speed when compared with them. There are no other substantial advantages to it.

The Kingston Format Utility can convert the media file system to FAT32 and NTFS. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, however. Right now we won't discuss them, but FAT32 and NTFS offer better storage configurations for small files. large. Despite this, FAT32 drives allow themselves to write to files under 4GB when selecting a file system, which should be taken into consideration when selecting a file system before performing the formatting.

This utility's controls are gathered in one small window where you can choose the files and media that you want to use (if there are several). Upon pressing Format, you will see a formatted document instantly. Program is completely free and it runs on any media. It is only necessary to unpack the downloaded archive prior to launching.

- Kingston drives offer fast formatting of USB drives; ng of USB drives by Kingston manufacturer;

- I'm sure you've read about NTFS and FAT32.

- Working in Portable Mode;

- There should be at least ten controls ll application window;

- Using the file format of a standard Windows formatting program is faster.

This utility does well formatting USB drives. It can read and write FAT32 files. They offer NTFS conversion as well but only so far. It is good because you do not have to install anything to use these tools as they allow for precise usage of the space and use of media at the right dosage whenever and however they are used.Once you unpack the package, it can be used. The most significant difference between these tools and others is their ability to format the drive quickly.
There is an application called Kingston Format Utility that allows you to format Kingston USB drives. Each file can be converted to FAT32, although this program has its own benefits and disadvantages. No additional installation is required if you use a media of any size. Using the archive as your first step is easy.
The NAS comes in an amazing amount of capacity so you can transfer data and work with all kinds of USB drives. If you work with large file types and frequently move between programs and devices, this program is a great option. If you wish to formatting USB drives the best, this is essential.
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