Kingsoft Antivirus

by Kingsoft Security

Completely free antivirus solution for detecting, cleaning trojan virus, and protect your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kingsoft Security

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Kingsoft Antivirus is a free cloud-based antivirus. Recent popular advancements that have impacted the cloud -- namely, it has become simpler to communicate and access cloud services.based security model is fully implemented in this antivirus product.

Kingsoft Antivirus has quite a good functionality, as for a free product. Antivirus offers several types of scanning, protects against all types of viruses, and has modules to scan traffic when working on the Internet and communicating with instant messengers.

This Active Cloud Security Defense can be accessed via the web or a system based on a heuristic technique.Protect your system from the forces of nature depth. Identifying weakness areas in the security of the system is possible by using the vulnerability detection system.


- A thorough system scan of the whole network plete scan of the entire system;

- The quick scanning of critical parts of the operating system;

- Find out only the files and folders you have selected.

- USB drives are scanned for internal data.

Online security:

- Ensure that all browsers implement security modules; blocking unsafe URLs.

- Instant messaging tools such as Apple (OS X, iPhone), Microsoft (MSN), ICQ, AOL), or others; • Intest messaging protection when used).

- The following steps can be taken when trying to upload virus-laden files to the hard drive.

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