by YapSoft

You can keep a running tally of where your family members are when you use the safety app.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: YapSoft

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Last revision: Last week

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KidsControl is a program for blocking children's access to unwanted content on the Internet. KidsControl allows you to protect your child from visiting web resources on topics that are not suitable for your child's age. According to the program, several pornographic forums and other unwanted materials are listed automatically based on the program's comprehensive catalogue. The black and white lists are independent of each other and users can add sites based on their needs. Other features include keeping a detailed log of activities such as Web browsing, blocking access to specific sites via scheduled visits, etc. In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of sites that are blocked by KidsControl. Examples of these resources include EXE, RAR, and flash banners. There is no question that this program works. Accessing the blocked site shows a message "the server is not present". You can use profiles in the - uctees are supported - can be effective even in controlling a child as well as other family members.

This is a great idea, I believe. These are invaluable to kids today. The fact that they have tablets and phones so well-suited to these violent things has them in danger. For this reason, KidsControl can help keep it safe and ensure that there are no bad images or videos being uploaded.
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