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Kidlogger, helping parents log their kid's activity on the computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: KidLogger

Release: KidLogger 7.1

Antivirus check: passed

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KidLogger for Windows is an excellent way for parents to have a log recorded so they can view their children's activity when using Windows. KidLogger offers a free option or two payment options, which provide the parents with a means to decide which feature they think is most important to have. With how busy parents are these days and how much technology has grown, it is hard at times to keep a consistent watchful eye. By using KidLogger, parents can protect their kids from harm by using this app.


  • Monitors activities on apps and internet browser
  • View the typed keystrokes
  • Screenshots
  • Takes a photo of the user at startup
  • Recordings of Skype chats
  • Able to monitor multiple users
  • Takes a screenshot when the user types a predefined word
  • Password protection over the monitoring agents.

Parents have a powerful tool they can use to monitor what their children are doing on their computers or other gadgets. The software is an affordable option for parents of all ages who wish to subscribe without paying subscription. KidLogger comes with some valuable features as well as audio recorder so that you can record telephone conversations on the fly and you can see who your child speaks to and what kinds of apps may be used to monitor that activity. It can also be used to read SMS texts, detect malicious text messages Parent's privacy has been enhanced due to technology growing and becoming more inaccessible. KidLogger assists them in staying safe online. KidLogger allows children to track the activities they are performing in their homes as well as what is being accessed through their computers without being forced to do so.

In the event that a parent is unable to keep an eye on their children's online activity due to health issues, this software can be invaluable.

Windows must have a number of requirements.

There have been ten versions of Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows seven, eight, and ten.

sounds like an interesting app idea! In many cases, kids are exposed to a multitude of things they may not experience right away because of the internet. It is helpful for the parent if the computer is running even when the child is using it. In the hands of a parent, a kid won't be able to act as they see fit. KidLoggers, instead, let parents look into their kid's activity in the moment during what they use the computer. If a certain action seems strange or out of character, the parent can prepare themselves in advance for what they might encounter.
This app is aimed at tracking what kids consume on the internet while their parents are online. There is a rating of 4 stars for it.The application has a score of 5 out of 5 and is in version 7 as well.1. Its users will be able to choose whether to pay nothing or to obtain features with two different payment options. As you get KidLogger, you're going to protect your password as well as watch their internet activity.
My household has an issue with managing the computers and internet access for my children, but I found KidLogger for Windows when I researched the product. You can use this free program to log keystrokes as you write them. It works with all major OSes. A unique key can be used to filter.You can easily figure out if you want something specific if you type it in.
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It is still a dream for most parents to have their own internet presence today. It is easy for me to monitor and limit what my kids are allowed to see, so they don't see anything I shouldn't want them to see. Keeping your child safe online won't put any strain on them.
Software like kidlogger for Windows make it easy to keep track of your child's online behavior and make it safer.
parents can use to monitor how their kids use the internet in order to prevent a loss of privacy. In this case, the program is only applicable to Windows and should not be applicable to other OSes. It's great platform overall, but it should not necessarily be installed by anyone under the age of 25. Without the children knowing about it, these sites can be accessed only by them if they intend to go on the one they do not need to access.
Having KidLogger for Windows enables you to monitor the information that your kids see on the web. The KidLogger feature of Windows works by using KidLogger for PC to install it in your computer, resulting in a window that will allow you to begin monitoring, view the current log, and connect to KdLogger.For the KidLogger account, you must select the last option in the sign-in dialog box along with your email address. After clicking the connect button, choose the start monitoring option, and finally, you must click close in order to close all program windows and to login to the website.
The KidLogger makes using it easy -- it easily records phone freeware that tracks computer activity and logs it effectively is an ideal way to do this. Document, application, and file files are recorded in the background by the program. Additionally, it will track your keystrokes and URLs typed by using its server. you find KidLogger for Windows a valuable monitoring tool because of the incredible features it offers.
Kidlogger is one of the most comprehensive logging programs which captures keystrokes, how many applications are open, and can even automatically record video on-line IM chat sessions. This feature is very flexible. For example, you may want to limit this feature to only monitoring which search terms children use on the Internet within a child's web browser. While this logging software is only installed to limit logging, you should not use it to limit parental control. i.While it can tell you what your child does, not preventing them from doing it is a better idea. If you have a kid blogger account, you'll be able to view screenshots, logs, and other interactive logs via email or the website. It has a clear, intuitive interface that is very easy to use-.up and configure.
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Children can play a key role in making a story with this software.